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    Wtb CMB .91 or 1.01

    Looking to buy a cmb 91 or 1.01 to upgrade from my old picco .90. Let me know if anyone has one available and the condition. Thanks
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    Who makes a twin 90 size kit?

    Looking for a 90 size twin kit to build this winter. Does anyone sell one? I haven’t had any luck finding one.
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    Picco 90 glow plug

    can you guys recommend a few glow plugs to try in my picco 90 running 20% nitro? A lot of different plugs out there I’m not sure where to start. Thanks in advance. Steve
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    Older outrigger setup questions

    im trying to get an older outrigger going again that’s been sitting for 20 years. Can someone give me a starting point for the pipe length with a picco .90? Also it currently has a octura x482 on it. Seems like that might not be the best one. Any others I should try? Not sure if any other info...
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    Sponson questions

    Hey guys. I’m new to this site and could use a little help.  I’m getting a scratch built hydro my dad made in the mid 90’s up and running again. Has been sitting since then. A lot has changed since we ran it back then. My question is the front sponsons. There currently spaced 5” from the tub to...