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  1. 1olddog

    SOLD.....Class C Racing Runabout Plans

    SOLD......This is a two sheet plan for the Bob Stark Class C runabout. The hull is 28" and can be powered by a 3.5 outboard or an electric conversion on a 3.5 lower leg. Also included is the build article detailing the materials and build instructions. $15 + shipping.
  2. 1olddog

    Model Gas Boats Site

    The site will be closing soon so if anyone that does scratch building should download any the plans that interest you in that section onto your computer. After on your computer you can put them on a disc. Also there's some good info in the articles section.
  3. 1olddog

    Dumas SK Daddle 36" Frames Diagram

    Would anyone have traced the frames diagram for the 36" Dumas SK Dadddle ? I have the build plan but it doesn't show each frame that goes into the boat.I don't know how many of you do this.I trace the parts from a kit on 36" wide plan paper so if I want to scratch build or need a damaged part I...
  4. 1olddog

    K&B 3.5 Outboard Set Screw

    Anybody know what size allen wrench the set screw on the drive dog on a K&B 3.5 cc outboard takes ? I looked on Mecoa's site but found no info about it.
  5. 1olddog

    K&B 3.5 Lower

    SOLD.....Polished K&B 3.5 lower unit with new stainless steel screws,teflon tube and flexshaft.Also comes with prop shaft,bullet prop nut, transom mount and water pickup tube. Will need water line to the pickup.Has some marks on other side from cutting off long screws,that doesn't affect...
  6. 1olddog

    DPI Outboard Cover Instructions

    FOUND Looking for a set of instructions on how to attach the cover to a K&B 3.5cc lower unit.I'll be using an electric motor instead of a K&b 3.5cc.
  7. 1olddog

    Class C Racing Runabout

    Does anyone have the plans for it that they might want to sell or make a copy of at my expense ? It was in the Sept 2004 issue of RCM magazine.It was a yellow boat with a K&b 3.5 outboard on it.The plans were by Bob Stark.RCM is no longer with us,so this is the only way to get plans.I have the...
  8. 1olddog

    What Is It

    I've been told this is to hold a nitro fuel tank in an r/c boat,but I'm not sure.I build and run gassers,so this is foreign to me.It's made of plywood and is coated and fits between 5" rails.It was in a box of stuff I bought from an r/c store that went out of business.I've been trying to give it...
  9. 1olddog

    42" Predator

    This is one of about 40 of these fiberglass hulls that Vern Kilmer (Forabuck) made for electric or nitro power.It is 42" long x 13" wide and has rails installed at 5 " and weighs 7lb 5 oz empty.It has never been built and has no holes in the bottom or transom and the deck isn't attached to the...
  10. 1olddog

    FS Prather Props

    I have 2 Prather 250 props,3/16" bore,new never used,but the guy I got them from in a boat deal started to sharpen one of the blades on one prop.Price is $12.50 each shipped in US
  11. 1olddog

    Dumas Scarab 38 KV 55" Nitro

    I thought I 'd offer this for sale again before I start stripping the paint off of it .It has all hardware,fuel tank,lines,side hull fuel filler,dual underhull water pickups,electric pump to supply water to engine at low speed,antenna.Needs touched up or repainted.Price $250.00 shipped without...
  12. 1olddog

    Dumas Scarab 38 KV 55" Nitro

    This boat is ARR with an OS77VR-M with tuned pipe and has running hardware,fuel tank and lines,water lines,electric water pump to supply water at low speed and siphon water out of hull.Has dual water pickups under hull ,fuel filler,water outlets,antenna,older servos and receiver.Good condition...
  13. 1olddog

    Dumas Scarab 38 KV 55"

    Dumas Scarab 55''long and has all running hardware,fuel tank,lines,dual water pickups under hull,fuel filler valve in side of hull,and electric pump to supply engine with water on low speed and to siphon water from hull.Will sell without OS .77VR-M race engine for $250.00 or with it for $450.00...
  14. 1olddog

    Dumas Dauntless ARR

    Electric powered 49 1/2" with two Astro 25"s.Comes with Astro ESC,servos,props.Just add batteries,either cell packs or 12 volt motorcycle battery and your radio gear.Good condition,but has a few paint chips.Price $250.00+ shipping in US only.Payment by Paypal or US Postal money order.
  15. 1olddog

    Dumas Scarab 38 KV 55"

    Boat is setup for nitro,but can be converted to gas or electric.Comes with hardware,prop,fuel tank,servos,receiver,side hull fuel filler and water outlets.Has dual water pickups under hull and an electric pump to supply water to engine at low speed and also siphons water out of hull.Good shape...