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  1. Christian Lucas


    Hi, yes this was the record breaking modelboat from Giorgio Merlotti. I still remember when we drove together on the Italian Highway with 150 mph plus and two policeman follow us with Motto Guzzi bikes but when they come closer they reduce the speed and let him go. We are on the way to visite...
  2. Christian Lucas

    Dual rudder - few questions

    Hi, you can also consider different ruder position close to the middle or moore outside , or only ruder and no extra fin at the transom. Have a look at the Mercedes Formula 1 stearing system . It is not what you can do with the boat ruder but it show that different thinking can have an...
  3. Christian Lucas

    Dual rudder - few questions

    Hi, the 100 mph monoboat from R.Moser had twin rudder . As it is possible you can run two smaller with the same drag , so no question about to slow down topspeed. The reason was that the twin rudder has a longer lever arm as a trim tab and with twin rudder you can set then up not real parallel ...
  4. Christian Lucas

    Propellers from asia...

    Hi, yes this type of propellers have interesed me a long time and as it was not easy possible to get them i have starte to build them by myself. So the result looks not so bad and the first try workes well. Robert , all Robert here , so no need to buy outside US , do it yourself is the best way...
  5. Christian Lucas

    Monos built strickly for SAW?

    Hi, Ralfs record run , . Happy Amps Christian
  6. Christian Lucas

    Monos built strickly for SAW?

    Hi, as i have read , Ralf set some records belong to the boat class . 170 km/h L10 (106 mph) , L20 he run one pass 204 km/h ( 127,5 mph) and average of two pass 195 km/h (121,8 mph ). Happy Amps Christian
  7. Christian Lucas

    RIP Jim Allen

    Hi, my condolences to his familie , a very big los for the modelboating comunity . So sad , i canˋt realise it. Christian
  8. Christian Lucas

    JAE21 Front exhaust header options

    Hi Tyler, wy not straight forward , no 180degree turn easy to adjust and a streamline cover is easy made. And the exhaust outlet on the right will counter very little the propwalk.
  9. Christian Lucas

    Hi Buoyhunter, no i have no scale boat with electric drive. I am working together with Torqeedo...

    Hi Buoyhunter, no i have no scale boat with electric drive. I am working together with Torqeedo electric boat motors for scale boats and other drives for cars, busses, trucks and tanks . Regardes Christian
  10. Christian Lucas

    New low profile Elektric Outbordmotor

    Hi Lohring, yes the low light curved flexcable is a rule to low friction and ballbearing propshaft to get highest output power to the propeller. Outbordmotor is raedy , now i am drawing and building the boat. For tunnelclass a tunnelhull and for outbord i like something looke like the old Dumas...
  11. Christian Lucas

    New low profile Elektric Outbordmotor

    Hi Kris, next step , placing all parts together. Have to drill some holes and place srew and glue and cut the skeg. Will be a twin skeg as it has moore options to control the lift at the back. Happy Amps Christian
  12. Christian Lucas

    New low profile Elektric Outbordmotor

    Hi, start yesterday to build a low prifile outbordmotor for a small 24 inch long tunnelhull ( the boat i will show after the motor) . Motor is a high rev outrunner with direct airinlet and fan on the top side. As the motor is angeled to the front fresh cooling air will flow over the...
  13. Christian Lucas

    Run in stand/dyno build.

    Hi, Jim Gale has the teststand you need as it let you optimice not only the engine , he has always the complete drive so also the propshaft and the propeller are attached. As all run with water the motor cooling is no problem. Note that the water is running in a closed circle and he messured rpm...
  14. Christian Lucas

    Aerodynamics in High Speed Riggers

    Hi Bryan, i think nobody has posted the results of the last Munich SAW that was held end of September during Oktoberfest. One of the best fighter is Johannes with his smaller 3 and 4 S rigger, see his record run close for shut down sun. Here ist the tread in the German forum with all the...
  15. Christian Lucas

    Single blade prop

    Hi, the reason for a single blade propeller is that the singelblade has only one fortex on the blade tip rotating. This fortex is loss but as Dr.Martin Hepperle say, the number of blade dosnˋt influence efficancy very much and moore blade have higher efficancy as the blade load is lower...
  16. Christian Lucas

    CMB 90 - Geared or Direct Drive

    Hi, as i know from some friend running here in Europe the 90 size engine, they run a gear with only 1,2:1 and 1,3:1 . So the propeller turn a little less than the engine. The reason is that the competitionboats have a better acceleration in the corner . With the smaller engine 75 they use higher...
  17. Christian Lucas

    Wire Drive Experiment

    Hi, we have used wire drive since over 45 years. We Hans Lehner and i, start wire drive when i was 18 years old. We see the first who used such drive by British Daniel Holder under 1 kg speed boat. He used this 1mm pianowire to drive the full submerged propeller. The motor has a hole wher the...
  18. Christian Lucas

    Carbon Fiber Catamaran with an adjustable CG & adjustable turn fin

    Hi Jim, i know you are crazy but this boat is a hammer thingy. I like the full carbon hull and the presicion maschined parts, looka great. And i like the outrigged turnfin. For the adjustable c.g. i have a different seeing where the waights have to placed. When i run Naviga F1 triangle race...
  19. Christian Lucas

    Aerodynamics in High Speed Riggers

    Hi, some pics of the JAG s rigger. Happy Amps Christian
  20. Christian Lucas

    Aerodynamics in High Speed Riggers

    Hi Lohring, stabiliser wings are a must at that speed spezial as they reduce ruder surface. I am currently testing counterrotating propeller drives with very reduced ruder and propeller pitch controll also to,reduce ruder to mostly eleminate drag. Nice contest of paperplanes from Japan with the...