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    I have A, 1 minute video, of my,90, ANDY BROWN, Eagle, SG, Rigger,

    I have several, boaters wanting to see it run, however, not sure I can send the video, with out being compressed first. Any one got any ideas? dick Jones
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    competitiom marine design, phone number

    I lost Andy brown, phone number, DAAAAAAAAA, any one have his phone number, please send to me. Thanks dick Jones
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    What if?

    Well I have been thinking and working at possibly making some of the COOPER pipes again, allready have a company to make the pipes, here in Florida. Just wandering if there is a (demand), for these pipes, in (3) different sizes, and maybe a new gas pipe also, if any boaters would be interested...
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    The Germans are coming,The Germans are coming!

    Does any one on here have the email address for any of the four horseman of the apocalypse, that attended the nitro race at Brandon, where they caused all the "TROUBLE". i NEED TO CONTACT THEM RIGHT AWAY, ONE OF THEM STILL OWES ME A DOLLAR. Thanks mobydickk
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    Picco .90 for sale

    PICCO .90 for sale. A few years back, I had 3 of these motors, I ran 2 and kept 1 back, I was going thru some boxes and found this new one, I had forgotten about it, I made dual plug heads and a new high capacity water jackets for all of the engines, U can see everything in the photo is brand...
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    Hospitals and me

    Currently this is my 10th hospital stay this year, currently head for Tampa General hospital for reevaluation for heart pump, GOD is good. Mobydick Dick jones
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    A few glow plugs comparison @ 1.5V @ 2 amps

    Thought some might be interested in this glow plug comparison, U an see the difference in the hot plug temp, "brightness" compared to the colder plugs " medium brightness", all they way down to just a very lite glow on the coldest plugs. let me know what u think. moby
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    If I build "It", "they will come"

    Still thinking about building "It" maybe when U came down the stairs and look under the Christmas tree? moby
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    JG props

    I saw sometime back someone was looking for some Jimmy Gale props, I was going thru one of my prop boxes and found 6 of them NIB, give me a shout if U are interested. dick
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    test 2
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    Tom Moorhouse

    Tom Moorehouse, U have a PM dick
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    My new racing partner

    get out of his way
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    sightler mono hull

    Any one have one of these hulls they would part with, prefer the larger size hull. contact me with PM or email thanks dick
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    mark voorhees

    call my home number Mark, 2392820575 please ASAP. dick
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    K&b 3.5 and 7.5 parts for sale

    I found a box of K&B 3.5 & 7.5 parts, thought maybe someone else could use them, I haver a numbered list with prices, add $5.00 for shipping in lower 48, please post you will take it and I will PM payment info, will take check,cash, paypal, 60% nitro gallons or certan kinds of food. thanks for...
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    used engines

    I bought a used engine a while ago, fixed the engine and put it in my 11 year old SG eagle, here is the link of the UTUBE video, runs pretty good for a 21. dick
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    steve bell

    Steve Bell, please PM me. thanks dick
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    FS for sale CMDI H667 6.6 NIB

    FS, Thinning out my prop selection, Brand new in the bag CMDI 2 blade, H667 with 6.6 pitch balanced and sharpened. Paypal ok $50.00 plus $5.00 shipping to lower 48, please post on hear u will take it and I will send U my pay pal account address. Thank U dick
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    depth guage

    For sale, Rossi Dial indicator nitro depth guage threaded, screw into the glow plug hole and rotate the engine past TDC, remember or write down the highest number on the dial, then remove the head button and set it on a flat surface with the indicator still screwed into the glow plug hole and...
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    .21 Rigger

    For sale .21 HYDRO VIPER kit, wood construction kit, the hull and all the sponsons are pre built by the manufacturer, would need a tank and strut installed, sponsons tubes installed,and finish some small pieces installed. No hardware or engine comes with this kit. This boat has been very well...