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  1. Mike Starrett

    Kneeler Runabout

    Has anyone built one of these or know of some plans for one? Something in a 1/4 scale size, say 34" r so?
  2. Mike Starrett

    FE Whiplash

    Wondering what would be a good prop for this P-spec Whiplash? Plan is to run 2 x 7200 2s packs in series. Thanks
  3. Mike Starrett

    20/40 Nitro Whiplash cowl

    I have this uncut Whiplash cowl I no longer need. $55 shipped in US
  4. Mike Starrett

    Zippkits SS mono

    I have this SS mono for sale. Just finished building it. All sealed in epoxy ready for sanding and paint. . Radio box is comple and finished. Floatation installed in front end. Setup for front mount fuel bag. $225 plus shipping or could possibly work out a meet up if not to far away.
  5. Mike Starrett

    Receiver antenna question

    Can someone tell me what this connector is called? This is from a Hitec Proton receiver. TIA
  6. Mike Starrett

    Killer Bee gas kill switch

    I have a Super Bee (Killer Bee) gas kill switch kit for sale. Never been installed. $50 shipped in US.
  7. Mike Starrett

    Wine Run Cancelled

    In light of the latest Indiana Covid 19 response mandate, we have decided to cancel the Wine Run for this year. We don't want to have to, nor do we feel we have the people to enforce these rules. We race on a commercial property which strictly enforces all state and county mandates. The state...
  8. Mike Starrett

    IMPBA Thunderboat rule question.

    Are any carburetors other than the WT 257 legal for the IMPBA Thunder boat class? TIA
  9. Mike Starrett

    Looking for props

    Anyone have any ABC 2516 and 2614 props for sale? Prefer raw or S&B. Tia, Mike
  10. Mike Starrett

    21 Cobra

    21 Cobra for sale. Hull and cowl only, no servos. $110 shipped in US.
  11. Mike Starrett

    FE Vision

    FE 21 Vision w/Aquacraft esc and motor on OS lower. Hull has been repaired. Waterproof servo. No receiver or battery. Stickers are removable. $325 shipped in US.
  12. Mike Starrett

    21 Vision

    21 Vision w/water cooled OS 21. Engine ,modified by Adam Blevins, has great compression. The hull has been repaired and is still straight. Waterproof steering servo. Needs battery,receiver and prop to be rtr. $400 shipped in US
  13. Mike Starrett

    2019 Wine Run

    The Southern Indiana Propnuts will be holding our 2019 WINE RUN on Saturday, August 3rd (1 day, 3 rounds). Classes offered will be as follows: RTR,Sport 20,Sport 40,B Sport Tunnel,1/8 Scale,B Hydro,Skiffs,Gas Sport Hydro,Gas Cat,Gas Mono,Thunderboat,1/6 Scale Entry fee is $10 per boat (no...
  14. Mike Starrett

    Looking for a prop.

    Looking for a 2015-19-38% Prop. If anybody has one for sale, let me know. TIA
  15. Mike Starrett


    I've got these 3 drivers for sale.  They are 3" tall and 4" wide. They are hollow plastic with a wood plate for the bottom so they will need some type of flotation. They weigh very little.  The packaging said they are 1/6 scale.  A friend of mine has one in a Zippkit tboat and says it's perfect...
  16. Mike Starrett

    Blazer Sport 20 Whiplash kit

    I have a Blazer 20 Whiplash kit with cowl for sale $130 shipped in US.
  17. Mike Starrett

    12th Annual Wine Run

    We are now accepting entries for the 12th Annual Wine Run. Race date is August 4th 2018. Location: Huber Winery 19816 Huber Rd Borden, In This is a D-14 Points series event. Entrants get a free shirt! Same great prizes and maybe more. Nitro Classes: RTR, Sport 20...
  18. Mike Starrett

    2 RTR props

    I've got 2 rtr props for sale. Both for 1/8" shafts. One is a y535 and the other is a Grim racer prop. Can't read the size but it measures 37mm across. $20 shipped for both. Thanks
  19. Mike Starrett

    OPS 3280 pipe

    Anyone have one for sale? Used...dirty, I don't care as long as it's not all beat up or dented
  20. Mike Starrett

    X448/3 Prop

    Anyone have an X448/3 prop you don't need? New or used. Prefer unmodified as long as it's in good shape, used is OK. Thanks, Mike