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    Looking For a K&B Head

    I am looking for a 7.5 air cooled head and button. Brad
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    Vision 40

    I just got a Vision 40 from Mike and it took awhile to get it out of the box, between foam and paper it came out undamaged from it's journey to the great white north! Will send some pic's when I start on it as I also got a ML sport 20 and 40 from Bill to build. Brad
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    Happy New Year!!!

    Hope all the best for 2020!!!!!!!!!!!! Brad
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    Merry Christmas to all the IW Families and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!! Brad and Family
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    John Your T3 21

    Hey john you have a PM about your T3 Brad
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    Have a few on the go for John Brad
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    KEP's 4S Cowl

    New cowl for the 4S boat so you don't have to stuff you batteries in. Battery can sit on top of the stuffing tube and ESC over the Cable nut Brad
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    JAE Twin45

    What is the tub length and width?
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    ROSSI 90 Titan Rods

    I have 4 new in package titanium rods for $50 a piece plus pp fees and postage. Kevin will add the pictures. Brad
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    ROSSI 90 Titan Rods

    I have 4 new in package titanium rods for $50 a piece plus pp fees and postage. Kev. bradin will add the pictures
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    What is going on??

    I am getting PM's that I don't know about? 1 from Kez about receivers another from Tom about OPS parts but it is good to know he has parts and another about buying a radio. Brad
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    Zipp Kits

    Is their web site down as I can't log in?? Brad
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    Well it took awhile but here it is,Walt Barney tank, My cowl and turn fin. Brad
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    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !!! Brad and family
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    Andy Brown carrying OPS?

    Alex has a posting on face book saying CMDI is going to be selling OPS?? Brad
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    Texas Coyote getting some new shoes

    Some parts going to Texas for an old coyote, cowl and sponsons. New radio box for daughterinlaw's A mono and a set of SG sponsons for a friend. Had a good week in the shop.
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    Hydro dipped mono

    This mono was hydro dipped. Not worried a boat the flames the wrong way as it is a trial to see if the 2K top coat will stand up to the nitro and solvents. May have to top coat with Endura. Brad
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    T3 45 Going to Arizona

    Hey Howard your boat is done. Boat shows a Walt Barney tank in it. Extra set of 45 sponsons and did you want the extra set for the 21 as they came with the stuff you sent. Send me your address as I don't know if I have it? You will have a PM with cost and shipping added. Thanks Brad
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    OPS engines

    Is there anyone out there selling the OPS engines. Asked many times about the new 45 that came out but never any info or reports on them. Did the family take the Got Nitro business over or is it gone? Brad
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    Does anybody know Howard Welch

    Is there anybody out there that knows Howard have him PM me please. Thanks Brad