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    WTB AA 21 nitro pipe

    Get one direct from Al Hobbs Brad
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    Zipp 30" tunnel update

    I have 2 on order and looking forward to get them built and running!! Brad
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    Zipp 30" tunnel update

    Looks good Jerry
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    OPS 80's

    That's a good deal for someone even better if they have RPM rods. Brad
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    Nice Brad
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    Carbon Mac 15cc pipe

    Looks good Danny! Brad
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    Sponsons and Tub Tips

    I know that Andy Stechenko?? from AC boats use to take a can of bondo to the lake when he was testing new boats. Brad
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    Sponsons and Tub Tips

    Trial and error will help win races! Test test test test Brad
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    Sponsons and Tub Tips

    I thought hunting was the urge to go kill something. LOL Brad
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    Pipe reduced stingers...

    About all I know is it will increase back pressure and increase motor temp. Brad
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    stripping a wood boat and painting

    If the paint is not peeling off sanding maybe the way to go as paint strippers make a mess that you have to deal with. Brad
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    I don't know what white foam melts with epoxy Allan, especially if it came from Joe..The white foam is lighter and less dense than the pink. Brad
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    Nice build Chris!
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    Novarossi Marine USA new Owner!!!!!!

    Not at the moment but you never know. Brad
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    Yeah and if you get the ultimate hardware package you just have to add your power system and receiver. Brad
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    steering problums

    Try a larger turn fin
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    Novarossi Marine USA new Owner!!!!!!

    Any new news about production of engines?
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    JAE 45 Build

    Looks good Brad
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    JAE 45 Build

    Nice build. You may want a lighter cowl out of e-glass or carbon. Brad
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    Namba nitro classes?

    Get on the list for the new tunnel from Zipp Kits. Get 2 and you can run 1 as an electric Bill. We have a fair amount of stock 3.5's here in Alberta and the electric's. Brad