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  1. Wasted wages

    A topic to think about

    Carl,,, I don't run tunnels,, but that is one sharp boat !!! Very nice...
  2. Wasted wages

    Pros and Cons

    This is what I have done for years with no failures ever. I use the little blue single pole toggle switch from radio shack or electronics stores. Solder and heat shrink the two wires onto the switch. Over the body of the switch I heat shrink a large piece of tube about 1" long. Shrink it down...
  3. Wasted wages

    Just in case you thought I was going soft!!

    So,, Have you fired this bad boy up yet ??
  4. Wasted wages

    Wood Hull Sealing Question

    I've used 30 minute epoxy thinned with acetone to the consistency of water and brush it on or wipe it on with a lint free rag.. It flows into the grain and flashes off... X3 times keep a rag handy with acetone on it to wipe off any excess before it sets up...
  5. Wasted wages

    remote Needell

    Thanks Doc,,, I didn't know if anyone was making them anymore. It is such a simple design and works very well. replace the o-rings once in a while,,tiny drop of blue locktite on the screws, and set it up with the flow box...simple. It is beneficial to have a set of small diamond files to make...
  6. Wasted wages

    remote Needell

    I had a 67 rigger that I used the radio to mix two channels... as the carb rotated closed the mixture valve would also rotate towards lean. Pull the trigger and the valve and carb rotated to the setting I flowed the high speed setting to. worked pretty cool...
  7. Wasted wages

    remote Needell

    This is the style I'm taking about... they were made by Pinckert I think.. there were many copies..
  8. Wasted wages

    Blazer Marine Slingshot Build!

    Awesome job Mario.... I know you invested a lot of time in the build and accepted nothing less than perfection thru the whole process... This awesome running rigger is your reward !!
  9. Wasted wages

    remote Needell

    Doesn't anyone build or use the small aluminum block type remote valves anymore? I always liked them just for this could mount them to the side of the hull and the arm didn't take a lot of swing for adusting..
  10. Wasted wages

    Another Max Cat build

    I would think A is the transom.... and B is the afterplane..
  11. Wasted wages

    45 twin pulled very hard to right side

    how are you splitting the water to the motors ? It's really a big deal, as water will take the path of least resistance and just a little bit of difference in line length, fitting diameter can cause the water to flow thru only one motor. And once flow is established, a venturi effect can...
  12. Wasted wages

    Best Rigger For .67 Engine.

    JAE seems to be really popular now,, Crapshooter, Andy Brown's SGX ( if he is still producing kits ) and a bunch of older models that can be cleaned up and are still great riggers today... There are a lot of small batch builders out there kind of aimed at building specific boats for SAW, oval...
  13. Wasted wages

    45 twin pulled very hard to right side

    Engine cooling issue may be from having to hold so much left in it that the rudder blade holes are starving for water.
  14. Wasted wages

    .67 Roadrunner #1 for sale

    I hear ya !! my eyesight is not that great either.. I would love to have do very nice work, but it's just not in the cards right now. Someone is going to get an awesome rigger !! Good luck with the sale!!
  15. Wasted wages

    JAE 45 Build

    Crazy light and strong materials to work with nowadays,,, years ago when Andy started building riggers out of light ply is when people really started to get away from the old ways of building boats and more towards the new materials coming to market. I mean 1lb 10 oz was unheard of 10-12 years...
  16. Wasted wages

    .67 Roadrunner #1 for sale

    Bad azz looking boat .... but black is so hard to see if it goes dead in the water.. Someone told me a long time ago," black boats are bad luck " .... he was right... I have a black .67 mono sitting on the bottom of the lake in New Iberia La. Got hit on turn 4, deck split open and the...
  17. Wasted wages

    Brand new K90 for sale. - SOLD.

    Mark... you have a PM.
  18. Wasted wages

    F/S .21 black bird rigger

    13 years ago !
  19. Wasted wages

    Looking for piston,ring,sleeve,rod for Picco 45

    It has a ring ? must be a really old motor or converted airplane engine ??? Can you post up a few pictures of the parts you have ? I may have some old parts laying around,, but none of them are ringed..