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  1. Wasted wages

    WTB - Prather 275 Stainless S/B/P

    Looking for 1 possibly 2 Prather 275 Stainless Steel props. Sharpened, Balanced, Polished... Will take Raw, if that's all that comes available... What's out there ???
  2. Wasted wages

    L/F Husselcraft Mono's

    Looking to see if anyone has an old Husselcraft they are willing to part with. 20/60/90. Really would like a 20...but would consider 60 or 90 depending on condition etc... What's out there ??? Thanks! Frank
  3. Wasted wages

    L/F 20 Husselcraft

    Looking for a later design .20 Husselcraft Mono. Shoebox fit deck, narrow beam. Complete boat or just the hull with hardware preferred. What's out there ?
  4. Wasted wages

    LF old big block plastic Picco carbs.

    Anyone have any laying around they might part with ? This style...
  5. Wasted wages

    FE motor question

    Can anyone give a quick explanation on why the newer brushless motors have three wires going into them ? Is it wound like an alternator on a car is? In a 3 phase delta configuration? Any technical links to how the speed controllers convert the DC battery voltage to the input voltage for the...
  6. Wasted wages

    Let's talk gas/oil mix...

    Gas/oil mixtures only, let's leave nitro out of this one for now. And yes,, I realize that this is mostly a nitro site... but I trust you guys more than the other place.. I'm just getting back into boats and have a long time history of running nitro. I did have 1 gas mono with a CC modified...
  7. Wasted wages

    Like new - Miss Vegas .18

    I bought this thing because the club was talking about having a class with just these boats in them.... all stock.... Well,,, I bought one and never really got into ever running the boat.... I broke it in,,, played with it for a weekend or two... cleaned it up and haven't touched it since...
  8. Wasted wages

    .21 Jag...... I think....?

    will not sell separate. complete as shown. no receiver. 650.00 plus shipping US 48 only
  9. Wasted wages

    .90 CMB EVO 2 - New Pistons and liners

    4 - Piston and liner sets - fits EVO 2 engines. CMB part number 90910 Brand new in box... never used. 150.00 each set / plus shipping - 48 states only. paypal add 3%- will ship USPS flat rate box. EDIT -12/ 7/12 ---- 2 sold --- 2 still available..... first come first served. please...
  10. Wasted wages

    CMB part number

    90910 - piston and sleeve what size ??? what engine ? .90 ? 1.01 ?
  11. Wasted wages

    2 CMB Hydro.91 ENGINES FOR SALE- HYDRO SOLD -PIPES SOLD (edit 4/8/13)

    2 - CMB hydro .91's........ new in the box ..... 500.00 each I have two new in the box CMB pipes to go with the engines. engine prices now includes NEW in the box CMB pipe. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ EDIT- 12/12/12 - HYDRO IS SOLD !!!! EDIT - 4/8/13---...
  12. Wasted wages

    3 CMB Hydro .91's and 2 pipes - reduced price

    Up for sale..... check out this thread for details. http://www.intlwater...showtopic=50032 3 .91 engines. 2 pipes. all brand new. will not seperate.... anything above UPS ground,,you pay for the ride. lower 48 states only. 1650.00 Last bump...before they are off to e-bay..... someone...
  13. Wasted wages

    HR.91 CMB

    I have 2 HR.91CMB engines brand new in unopened boxes I would like to put up for sale in the for sale section. Before I post them, didn't CMB make 2 different P/S combinations for a while ?? ABC vs AAC ?? or something like that ? I would hate to advertise them incorrectly,,,,, but then...
  14. Wasted wages

    O/T - Boyd Coddington dead at age 63
  15. Wasted wages

    O/T New home depot commercial
  16. Wasted wages

    Rod lengths

    Tried the search feature :unsure: didn't do very well,, :rolleyes: anyway,,need center to center rod lengths on: CMB .21 - gold head CMB .90 - gold head CMB.91RS - red head CMB 1.01 - red head CMB .67 - greenhead Thanks in advance.
  17. Wasted wages

    Remote Needles

    I have several types of remote needles that I have collected over the years. The old Tidewater "fuel doctor" type 0,,1,,2's The needles that come with new CMB motors. And two of Andy's remote needles. I have always used the tidewater "fuel doctor" type valves. Is there any advantage to a...
  18. Wasted wages

    Blowed up motor....

    Blew up the inside motor ( Black/Gold CMB .90 ) in my twin ( CMDI twin eagle) this weekend. Here's what happened,,,I suspect.... Threw the boat in,,jumped up on the pipes,, made 1 lap and tweaked the needle 1 click... made another hard lap,, checked water as it came by..OK ,,,down the back...
  19. Wasted wages

    WTB .67 SGX Rigger - with or without engine

    Like the title says... I'm looking for a complete .67 SGX. with or without the motor. Must have clean paint, hardware, header and pipe, fuel tank, servos, mixture valve, cable and prop. No crash and burns please...I hate paint and body work. e-mail me with pics and price
  20. Wasted wages

    90 Cajon Beaulette

    Any know the tub to sponson width measurements for the front sponsons on a .90 bullet ?? ( left and right if different ) Thanks,, Frank