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  1. curtis canton

    December race

    BMBC RACES ARE HEADING TO MELBOURNE!!! Due to COVID restrictions still in place we are unable to host races at Markham Park at this time. But now we will no longer let it hold us back. We are hosting a race weekend at the Melbourne lake! Thank you to Dan Hermes and his club for allowing us to...
  2. curtis canton

    Prop lot 28 total

    Different sizes most are S/b. Some have no markings some of the sizes are 240 260 465 1457 55x69 3 1255 462 452 450/3 665 1460 Asking 100.00 shipped lower 48. PayPal is
  3. curtis canton

    Miscellaneous parts

    Here are a few things I had laying around I would like to get rid of. Yeh mounts and turn fin came off a 40 hydro. OB pipe and header also from a 40 boat. Not trying to make a killing. 50.00 shipped lower 48 I think is fair. Make offer
  4. curtis canton

    Seaducer 20 mono

    Boat is in good shape. Pipe has some dings but engine is new. Comes ARTR, just add radio. 350.00 shipped lower 48
  5. curtis canton

    Prop lot

    I have a prop lot for sale. Total of 29 props. All are 3/16 shaft and most are S/B. Don’t really want to separate. I have numbers for most and they are as follows. Octura 465/3 457/2 455/2 457/3 x2 462/2 x2 450/3 1460 465/2 1252 665/2 560/2 ABC 55/69 Prather 260/2 x2 240/2x2 Price is $200.00...
  6. curtis canton

    District 3 Broward Model Boat Club Race

    Good morning all. I would like to invite all to our race Oct21-22nd. I know that some of us were affected more than others by the recent hurricane and may have family elsewhere that also have. This will be a great opportunity to take a little time to relax and have some fun. We will have food...
  7. curtis canton

    Three hitec servos

    1. HS-225MG 22.00 2. HS-82MG 17.00 3. HS-85MG 27.00 Package deal 60.00 All are brand new in original packaging. All prices are shipped CONUS priority mail. Paypal fees included Paypal
  8. curtis canton

    Plugs and Slimline Cap

    Mc Coy MC 9 plugs. Total of 9. Would like to sell all for 35.00 shipped CONUS. Also have a Slimline nitro gallon jug adapter for fuel pump. 15.00 shipped CONUS.
  9. curtis canton

    Sullivan starter with extras

    Up for sale is a Sullivan 12/24V starter with Speed Master handle, Fine Edge MFG adapter, 18V Makita Battery and charger. All in excellent working order. I am officially out of nitro and have no use for it. 150.00 shipped CONUS. Thank you
  10. curtis canton


    For sale is a .67 header and pipe that came off of a Pico.67. 30.00 shipped conus obo.
  11. curtis canton

    Seaducer 40 mono

    Up for sale is a brand new undrilled 40 mono. It's has metal flake and Kevlar layup. 160.00 shipped conus. PayPal
  12. curtis canton

    Seaducer SD3

    I have a Sd3 built by Jerry from Seaducer. Boat has a small chip under bow. See pic. Comes ARTR minus radio. Included is 440 prop and new hitec servos including 3rd channel. Motor was just went through and bearings, piston and sleeve are all good. New 12oz tank. 360.00 shipped conus.
  13. curtis canton

    Miss Budweiser 1/12 scale

    For sale is my Miss Budweier. Boat is in very good shape with one small crack near hatch cover. See pics. Boat was bought a few years back. I ran it cleaned it up, after run the motor and it has been on the shelf. I bought it as a collectors item. Comes with newer pro boat .18, prop, radio and...
  14. curtis canton

    District 3 Broward race now open

    NAMBA District 3 Broward Model Boat Club High Points Race is open for entry at Race dates are May 21-22 2016. Contestants are required to Register and Login as you have the ability to edit your entry if the need arises such as you need to Scratch ...
  15. curtis canton

    Ops .21

    For sale is an OPS .21 with header and pipe. I have ran about 1.5 gallons through this motor and am out of running nitro. Asking 110.00 shipped lower 48
  16. curtis canton

    Aqua craft Ms. Vegas w/vzm

    Up for sale is a Ms. Vegas with sponson mods, OS VZM .21 less than half gallon ran through it Fiberglass radio box Custom turn fun Sponson mods Upgraded rudder 440/3 prop with 3/16 shaft Asking 225.00 shipped lower 48
  17. curtis canton

    SV 27's for sale

    Up for sale is two SV 27's. The yellow one belongs to a friend of mine. I am not sure of the health of the engine because it has sat for a long time and he was not the best at maintenance. It does have a MAC 2.5 tuned pipe and a radio box I made with a snap tight container. Actually works...
  18. curtis canton

    F/s A/c Laser

    F/S A/C Laser 40. Hull Hardware Radio box w/ servos 250.00 shipped PayPal + 3%
  19. curtis canton

    F/s Laser 40

    I have a Laser 40 for sale with hull and hardware. 250 shipped lower 48. PayPal plus 3%.
  20. curtis canton


    For sale is an OPS .21 with header and pipe. Compression seems to be good. I got this motor from a friend that was going through some rough times. Selling for 100.00 shipped usps priority. PayPal I can email or text pics. Tried to upload on iphone but says file is too large