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    D-12 race #2

    The Delmarva club is hosting IMPBA D-12 race #2 the weekend of June 2nd. Get signed up on rcracingevents, let's make this another fun & competetive event! See ya'll at the pond!
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    Butch Fields Memorial Gas Clash

    Heard from Danny that this event has been cancelled. He would like to thank all who entered & also those that stepped up to sponsor a class. All is not lost, the Delmarva club will still have a race open to ALL boats - gas, nitro & FE. Butch was all about having fun, so lets come out & have some...
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    JG prop package

    5 JG props - I25, I25X, H27P, & 2 3 blade that the #'s are almost unreadable, looks like 3/2 either A or X. All in good shape, appear to be unmodified, just s&b. All 5 for $60 shipped in the US. Will ship anywhere at the buyer's expense. NO PAYPAL!! Cash, check or USPS m.o. only. Site is having...
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    clearing out some stuff

    Talked to Don Ferrette about my upload issue. He tried to upload a photo & had the same result as I did, so it seems to be a site issue. He ok'd me listing items without photos until it is resolved, I can text or email photos to buyers as required. Hanger 9 double vision fast field charger...
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    pictures won't upload

    For some reason I am not able to upload pics all of the sudden! I have tried from my gallery, photos, drive, tiny pic on both laptop & phone. I click choose file, select the pic, click upload & keep getting "no file chosen", even though a file shows when I choose it?!?!? Never had an issue until...
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    LIFE rx packs

    Hobbico 1100 man LIFE RX packs. Brand new, never used, charged to check balance only. $20 each shipped in the US. 2 for $45 shipped or all 3 for $55. Will ship anywhere at buyer's expense & pay first $5 towards int'l. shipping. NO PAYPAL! Check or USPS m.o. only. Please respond to this thread only.
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    abc props

    3014/2 - bought this used, don't know much about it. $30 shipped in the US via USPS priority. 2716/2/20° - balanced & sharpened by gforce/Bob English. He then sent it to Scott "Hippie" Schneider for me, who pitched, cupped & heat treated/hardened it for a gas rigger. Ran great on my Hurricane...
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    Used PDY box, black & grey. Few minor scuffs, no "real" damage. Found this in the used bin at my LHS this AM. $25 + shipping, will ship anywhere. NO PAYPAL!! Check, cash or USPS m.o. only. Please respond to this thread only, will not answer PM's until deal is made.
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    Warpath gas rigger - RTR

    Warpath Gen 1 RTR minus RX. Fresh bottom end with new bearings & zero drags (zero runs), Gizmo ProMod 28.5 top end with fresh ring (2 runs), Gizmo mod 257 carb, Zipp pipe braced by Dan Place (never cracked), red super coil from Dan & one of his 1300mah LIFE packs. HiTec HS645MG servos with...
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    Hornet for sale

    Not mine, it's on RCU. http//:www.rcuniverse.com/market/item.cfm?itemld=1078582
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    OT for sale

    Our club has purchased a bigger retrieve boat, so our other OB is for sale. It's a 2003 Mercury 3.3 HP in excellent shape. Low hours, only used for retrieve boat duty. Fresh oil in the lower unit, new spark plugs - both last season - only used once for our district race since. Fuel drained &...
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    happy B-D Garson

    Wishing you a great day, despite the weather down there. Hope you & Carol are doing well :-)
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    amazing pictoral journey

    If you have ANY interest in full scale outboards & Mercury history, go to screamandfly.com & check out the thread "mercury through the years" in the outboard and racing history forum. You do not need to be a member to view the pics.
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    Boris Meter for sale

    Two pump Boris Meter, believe this is a Gen 2. NIMH batteries new last spring, 2000 mah 6 cell same as original. $110 shipped in the lower 48. NO PAYPAL, check or USPS m.o. only. Will ship anywhere, if you foot the bill. Reply here only, PM's will be ignored until someone says "I'll take it" here.
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    Gizmo Victory Pipe

    Gizmo victory pipe, no dents or scratches. Powdercoated in hi-temp black metallic by Mike Ecton/toyotatruckin. Not sure what the white spots are in the closeup pic, they are not on the pipe. Mike Tyson/tmod muffler & original stinger bushing for small blocks included. $85 firm, shipped to a u.s...
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    Happy B-D Blaise

    Happy B-D, ya ol hippie! See ya in Rochester my friend, been way too long....
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    carb smart

    Has anybody tried this gadjet? It's a temp sensor driven mixture adjuster. It runs a servo to adj. your mixture according to head temps. Seems to have a good range of adjustments/settings to dial it to your setup. A good idea, but does anybody know if it actually works? The manual can be found...
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    summer heat

    A few words of wisdom from an old scoutmaster of mine " ALWAYS drink enough water so that you still have to pee regularly." The only way to know if you are drinking enough fluids is by having excess to eliminate by urinating. If you stop urinating, you have started to dehydrate. Dehydration is...
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    pop ups?

    Why, all of the sudden, do I have pop ups on my iw screen? Was fine this afternoon early, now ads for cars, phones, etc....running slow, too. Just me, or the site?