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  1. collins1172

    Top Speed 2

    Okay. I finally finished my Top Speed 2. I ran it today for the first time. It was plowing bad. I trimmed it up about 2 degrees. This was much better but still plowed a little at times so i lowered the out drive. This helped quite a bit but the TS2 was riding high on the nose. I checked...
  2. collins1172

    UL-1 Motor

    Does anyone know what PWM the UL-1 Motor should run at? Or KHZ? 8 or 12. Not sure. Thanks Brad
  3. collins1172

    WTB X438

    WTB X438 collins1172@msn.com Thanks Brad
  4. collins1172

    Inverted o/b fe TS2

    Will inverting my TS2 FE burn out the electronics?
  5. collins1172

    WTB Electric outboard

    WTB electric outboard for TS2. Thanks Brad
  6. collins1172

    TS2 fe

    I want to make my TS2 electric. Whats a good combo? Thanks Brad
  7. collins1172

    WTB Top speed 2

    WTB Aqua craft Top Speed 2 No engine needed. Just the hull. No radio box needed either. Just hull and canopy. Thanks collins1172@msn.com Brad
  8. collins1172

    Top Speed 2

    Ive been away from the hobby for a while. I really liked the Top Speed 2 when i was here before. Just wondering what happened to them? I thought it was an excellent boat. Well anyways, if anyone has just the hull in good shape and you want to sell it, let me know. collins1172@msn.com
  9. collins1172

    50 inch Apachee Boat

    50 inch Apache boat. G260 marine engine water cooled fully modified from BHHanson. It has a clutch. Hull #6689. I have the authenticity papers. It has trim tabs from warehouse hobbies.(very nice) I bought the boat from Marine specialties with the HBR double rudder system. Im keeping my...
  10. collins1172

    Apachee 50 inch

    Okay. 50 inch Apachee boat hull. Purchased from Marine specialties 299.00 Also BH Hanson fully modified G260 with Tuned pipe and header system. Water cooled. Also has the HBR dual rudder system from Marine specialties. No electronics or radio box. No fuel tank. It has to cowlings. One...
  11. collins1172

    wtb k&B 3.5

    looking for a sleeve tensioner tool. need to tighten up a loose piston and slleve. Thanks Brad
  12. collins1172

    my first electric deep vee

    i have an 18 inch dumas fiberglass boat. i wnat to use an electric motor. i have a rudder. should i use a flexible driveshaft? how about a straight driveshaft? should i do subsurface or surface drive? what do you all reccomend for set up? Thanks Brad
  13. collins1172

    new in box TS2

    new in the box TS2 red 85.00 u.s. shipping in the u.s. only. if it doesnt sell by 8 pm central time i will list on ebay. Thanks Brad
  14. collins1172

    27 inch lee craft

    really fast boat. i paid 81.00 on ebay. its a great boat. im not gonna use it. i have to many boats. it has a home made radio box. engine mounting holes are drilled for k&b 3.5. cowling has spider cracking. other than that boat is in awesome shape. here are a few pics. Thanks for...
  15. collins1172

    Top Speed 2

    new in the box red top speed 2. for sale 90 dollars plus shipping. email collins1172@msn.com. Thanks Brad
  16. collins1172


    this vacuboat is awesome. its in awesome shape. it hooks up tow quickly and wont let go. there is no damage and boat looks great. i run a 1500 6 cell pack and the boat runs about 1.5 hours continuous. it reaaly does the job good. the first time i used it to recover a 50 inch apache with a...
  17. collins1172

    k&b 3.5

    Does anyone have a k&b 3.5 piston they want to sell. Thanks Brad
  18. collins1172

    prop talk

    Let me get this straight. If your prop is cavitating causing air to get sucked under the prop and your boat wont plane until its revving for about 8-10 seconds...... would you get a bigger prop meaning more pitch larger diameter or smaller diameter less pitch? Im using a prather 215 on a lee...
  19. collins1172

    EP1 electric outboard

    I have an ep1 electric outboard with an ezx-r pro esc. What motor do you guys like for this project. Im pushing a 21 sized tunnel. This is my first electric tunnel so what batteries do you reccomend? I have 7.2 packs 3300. Thanks Brad
  20. collins1172

    bad mama jama

    http://www.hobbysupplies.com.au/CMB%20Engines.HTM check this out. Ive gotta get one of these. but not for 528 u.s. Brad