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  1. steve wood

    Glow plug clips

    2 glow plug clips. $20 shipped to usa
  2. steve wood

    Paint gun

    Finex sharpe paint gun with digital regulator, works excellent, $75 shipped to usa
  3. steve wood

    Nicad chargers

    Wall chargers for single cell nicad starters $20 shipped to usa for 1 lot
  4. steve wood

    Boris mazor flow meter

    2 pump flow meter,used very little, also have extra box and dial to go along. $160 shipped to usa
  5. steve wood

    Boris starter

    Has extra battery pack with case. $150 plus shipping. Usa only. Ups only
  6. steve wood

    Tuned pipe

    Cmb 67/80 muffled pipe and cmb header. Almost new pipe, $75 plus shipping.
  7. steve wood

    Radar gun

    Stalker pro. Complete kit in case. has 1 new battery pack. $600 plus shipping,to usa only
  8. steve wood

    Nova care and rear cover

    Nova 21 case, and modified rear cover. $40 for both plus $8 shipping to usa
  9. steve wood

    Cmb 67 brass head

    Cmb 67 brass head $25 plus $8 shipping to usa
  10. steve wood

    joe warren

    need a phone number for joe warren asap
  11. steve wood

    For sale 21 head button

    custom head button for nova 21 long stroke. $25 plus $8 shipping
  12. steve wood

    For sale charger

    hyperion charger. Used very little. $50 plus shipping
  13. steve wood

    For sale tank tray

    new Seaducer 40 fuel tank tray $10 plus $8 shipping
  14. steve wood

    For sale Mac carbs

    2 Mac .550 bore carbs,with tool steel barrels, modded to fit cmb 67/80 engines. $50 each plus $8 shipping
  15. steve wood

    For sale prop tool

    bending fixture for props with 5 different size balls
  16. steve wood

    For sale new cmb 45 head

    new cmb factory 45 turbo head button. $25 plus $8 shipping
  17. steve wood

    Cmb 67/80 pipe

    Cmb 67/80 muffled pipe with cmb hydro header $75 plus $10 shipping
  18. steve wood

    Nova rossi case

    21 nova case and modded backplate.$30 plus $8 shipping
  19. steve wood

    Micrometer for sale

    1 to 2 inch brown and sharpe slant Lin mic. $25 plus $8 shipping
  20. steve wood

    21 muffler

    Will fit ops 3280 or similar pipe. $28 shipped in usa