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  1. vanduzer

    21 Cobra

    Got the boat yesterday. Great packing the pool noodles worked great.
  2. vanduzer

    ML Boatworks THX 305 ?

    I'm currently building one right now. The laser cutting is excellent and all you need is a flat surface to build it on. The instructions can be a little difficult to follow , but mike will answer any questions you have. Dave
  3. vanduzer

    21 Cobra

    No hurry boat pond is frozen . Dave
  4. vanduzer

    21 Cobra

    Would you take $100 shipped?
  5. vanduzer

    F/S 3.5 lawless and props

    Would you take $75 shipped for lawless
  6. vanduzer

    Boats for sale, cleaning out the shop.

    I'll take the stealth. PM with info
  7. vanduzer

    ISO 3.5 outboard motor mounts

    I got some mounts from Rod so I am all set Dave
  8. vanduzer

    ISO 3.5 outboard motor mounts

    I'm looking for a couple of 3.5 mounts for k&b lower units that I'm converting to fe. Having trouble finding the online. Dave
  9. vanduzer

    HTB 290 Tunnel Hull updated price $150. Shipped

    Guess your not interested
  10. vanduzer

    Please read

    Looking for 21 lower units to convert to electric lawless ,os or k&b Mounts from back of boat to lower units Any hulls for sale?
  11. vanduzer

    HTB 290 Tunnel Hull updated price $150. Shipped

    Would you take$140 shipped
  12. vanduzer

    WTB turn fin for 20 Whiplash

    Looking for a turn fin for a 20 FE whiplash build . looking for mount and fin. Thanks Dave
  13. vanduzer

    Photo from 2002 Big Flats N.Y Hydro Bowl

    Have not raced in a while. I actually run a shop in Horseheads and race slot cars for the last 10 years and still do eyeglasses. Will try to race this year , you guys got me to go down in my basement at look at my boats.
  14. vanduzer

    Photo from 2002 Big Flats N.Y Hydro Bowl

    I have not be on this forum in years but found a disk with old photos from 2002 when we race by the airport in Big Flats N.Y. I forgot a few names over the years, but thought people find neat to see them. I post them in the gallery Dave Van Duzer
  15. june race 024

    june race 024

    Hank P. Boats?
  16. june race 022

    june race 022

    Frankie G. ,Tom Roman,Ray ,Steve Ng, Oscar Leech(I think),Matt Blaker
  17. june race 021

    june race 021

  18. june race 019

    june race 019

    Bob Morton
  19. june race 020

    june race 020