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  1. vanduzer

    ISO 3.5 outboard motor mounts

    I'm looking for a couple of 3.5 mounts for k&b lower units that I'm converting to fe. Having trouble finding the online. Dave
  2. vanduzer

    WTB turn fin for 20 Whiplash

    Looking for a turn fin for a 20 FE whiplash build . looking for mount and fin. Thanks Dave
  3. vanduzer

    Photo from 2002 Big Flats N.Y Hydro Bowl

    I have not be on this forum in years but found a disk with old photos from 2002 when we race by the airport in Big Flats N.Y. I forgot a few names over the years, but thought people find neat to see them. I post them in the gallery Dave Van Duzer
  4. vanduzer

    tunnel and cat sponson

    Why is it that a inboard cat. sponsons are flat on the bottom and an outboard tunnel are angled. I would imagine that it has to do with the cat motor being more forward then the tunnel. My 8 year old son asked and I have no real answer. I sure that one of you guys know the answer. Dave
  5. vanduzer


    Jsut broke mine off at a race today any one have aB K@B SS LOWER UNIT. Dave Van Duzer
  6. vanduzer

    WTB 21 Cat

    WTB .21 cat in reasonable shape I got one now my dad wants one Dave Van Duzer
  7. vanduzer

    wtb 21 cat

    WTB 21 cat in good shape with or with out motor. Dave Van Duzer vanduzer1@yahoo.com
  8. vanduzer

    WTB Geraghty carb for nova rossi

    Need a Geraghty carb for a purple head novi rossi Dave vanduzer1@yahoo.com
  9. vanduzer

    Carb for a Nova Rossi

    What after market carbs work best for a purple head nova rossi Dave
  10. vanduzer

    WTB J.Q designs prop pro balancer

    Does any one have one they want to sell or know where I can buy one. Dave V vanduzer1@yahoo.com
  11. vanduzer

    WTB Hitec ranger III

    I need another Hitec Ranger III 3 channel fm radio. This is the one with 2 sticks and a third channel on top. Dave Van Duzer vanduzer1@yahoo.com
  12. vanduzer

    removing k&b ss pto bearings

    What is the best way to remove then replace a K&B SS pto bearings? not real sure on how to get them out. Dave Van Duzer
  13. vanduzer

    Elmira N.Y. Southern Tier R/C boaters

    The Last Race at the old Airport Site at the Hydro Bowlin Elmira N.Y.. Alot of fond memories at one of the best sites in the U.S.. Many of greatest boaters have turned up the waters with some great racing action over the years. The new pond at Eldridge Park in the city of Elmira will be are new...
  14. vanduzer

    Results July race Elmira N.Y.

    The weather was prefect and the boats were fast. The new site is working out well at the park. The August Race will be at the old site at the Airport because of a conflict. The Sept Race will be Back at Eldrigde Park. 20 (A- B) mod Tunnel 1- Brian Smith(Htb) 2-Tom Avedisian(Seaducer)...
  15. vanduzer

    winsheild sticker for dumas 7.5 cowl

    Does any one have a templet to make the winsheild sticker for the 7.5 dumas tunnel cowl. When ever I made won it looks like hell. I will pay for some one to made some up for me. Dave
  16. vanduzer

    WTB K&B 7.5 pro outboard

    Looking for a good used K&B pro outboard aslo need a 7.5 outboard motor mount Dave
  17. vanduzer

    Want k@b 45 i/b Carb

    I need a K&B 45 I/B carb new or used. Dave
  18. vanduzer

    Can You guys guess?

    I was looking thru the Flying Models Mag. plans section and came across three boat plans. Can anyone guess who designed them: Albatros Ez-vee polywog They were in the Flying models mag between 1974-1975 It's hard to belive that we have someone who post here that been designing boats for 30...
  19. vanduzer

    What a Great Site

    I have been racing for 20 years and I have learned alot of stuff from this site. Having experts like Tim, Jack,Jerry,grim and others help out new boaters is wonderfull to see. To have people taking the time to help everyone out no matter what make of boats they run or who they buy there stuff...
  20. vanduzer

    I need the dumas cowling for wof 7.5

    I'am sure one of you guys sell the dumas cowling for the wof 7.5. tunnel.