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  1. Ray Sametz

    Tuned pipe

    Thanks, if you don't do PP I can send Check to Burlington, Iowa address.
  2. Ray Sametz

    New boat in the fleet

    Smiley knows....... ;) ;) ;) :cool:
  3. Ray Sametz

    New boat in the fleet

    Nice Doc, is that a new type of 3rd channel needle? ;)
  4. Ray Sametz

    Aeromarine rudder

    Just use some alum flat stock between transom and rudder with clearance holes for bolts. Also lowest bolt should be for arm to connect to steering push rod. Center bolt should be replaced with nylon bolt or brass tubing, rudder needs to give if kicked up or you'll definitly tear out the transom.
  5. Ray Sametz

    Tuned pipe

    I'll take it. PM info on payment.
  6. Ray Sametz

    Want to turn finishing resin white

    Just select white. Gelcoat Coloring Agents
  7. Ray Sametz

    WANTED : OD 99 Glow plugs

    Fast Foley, this what your looking for? If yes Pm me your addy again.
  8. Ray Sametz

    Help me paint my stealth hydro

    Are you talking rattle can or do you have spray gun and compressor, if so and cost is no problem. Shoot PPG from Auto supply house. :cool:
  9. Ray Sametz

    Bent con rod

    Vince, you said 1/8 scale. I assumed it was a nitro motor, but see you posted in gas forum. Not that hip on gas motors. :cool:
  10. Ray Sametz

    Bent con rod

    Yup, Hydrolock, water won't compress. Sometimes bends rod. Flips happen fast I know, but shutting in down can sometimes prevent it.
  11. Ray Sametz

    Tune pipe expander

    SWEEEET, thanks Mario and Stu.
  12. Ray Sametz

    Another SLR Missle build

    You can try what Don F called the Frankenstein approach, it worked for me.
  13. Ray Sametz

    Imagine dealing with this today!!!!

    I'm a little bit older, I remember going to the Hardware store with my Dad to test TV vac tubes to replace them. Remember my first transistor radio, was coolest kid on the block. :cool:
  14. Ray Sametz

    What's your favorite mix for Flex cable

    I've used Lubriplate for years. Don't mind greasing my shaft once a day. :rolleyes: No. 115 Water Pump Lubricant, 16 oz. tub | Lubriplate Lubricants Co.
  15. Ray Sametz

    Imagine dealing with this today!!!!

    Yup, blinded by science.o_O
  16. Ray Sametz

    Filling in gaps in seams

    FlexSeal 😁 only kidding. I've used epoxy mixed with sawdust, make a paste.:cool:
  17. Ray Sametz

    Imagine dealing with this today!!!!

    Radio boxes are bigger than our whole boat today.o_O:eek:
  18. Ray Sametz

    driver etiquette

    On a side note for the newbies, focus on where you want to go, never on the dead boat. You'll hit it for sure. It's a hand----eye thing.😩
  19. Ray Sametz

    Let’s see those paint booths

    Same here, what paint booth. :rolleyes:
  20. Ray Sametz

    So, what's in your lake?

    The turtles at Charleston finally got smart. 🤣