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  1. FloridaScaleBoater

    Help Walt Barney

    I know you have shared this tid-bit of information, but I couldn't find it searching What is the formula to figure tank volume from measurements, please.
  2. FloridaScaleBoater

    Best place, person the get rod needle bearings

    Would like to replace the needles in an older CMB 45CAM purple head and CMB 45CAM gold heads. What measurements are needed? And contact info please. Thanks Rick
  3. FloridaScaleBoater

    Looking for Ryan Lipgens

    Anyone know if he is still making the plastic fuel tanks? Any contact info besides the email address, tried that already. Any help is greatly appreciated Rick
  4. FloridaScaleBoater

    What is the average length & width

    Of a 20 hydro. Acquired something small & really light. Wondering if it's too small for a .21
  5. FloridaScaleBoater

    L/F CMB Valvola RSV07's

    Anyone have any lying around, retired in decent shape they are willing to sell? Thanks
  6. FloridaScaleBoater

    Looking for a head button

    I know I can order a new one from Stu, But wondering if anyone has a head button in good shape for a CMB 21 Valvola Red Head they would be willing to part with for a good price. Let me know, Thanks
  7. FloridaScaleBoater

    Question about rudder placement, Sport-40

    Good morning guys, Since the strut placement rule change for Sport-40/Q-sport hydro. When mounting the strut on the transom vice under the hull, where are you placing the leading edge of the rudder in relation to the prop? Those that are running transom mounted struts, are you using the extended...
  8. FloridaScaleBoater

    Head button for CMB 21 Valvola

    Before I order new from Stu, Anyone have a standard head button for a Valvola 21 in good shape they would like to sell. Thanks
  9. FloridaScaleBoater

    Fiberglass Sport 40's

    I know Phil Thomas, who else makes, and are readily avaiable fiberglass Sport-40 hulls? Thanks
  10. FloridaScaleBoater

    Need Entries for the upcoming Orlando race

    What is up with the lack of interest in the upcoming NAMBA D-3 race in Orlando? Lets get some entries rolling in,,, Been awhile since we have race down here in Florida. You would think folks would be ready to race!!! https://www.racemastersevents.com/event-list-detail-class-view.php?eventid=217
  11. FloridaScaleBoater

    3.5 hours????

    So, we're at Universal, Islands of Adventure. The new Harry Potter ride is all the RAGE!!! So we get to the ride, they say a 3.5 hour wait,,, I say to my wife. What, are you crazy!!! She says we are waiting. Guess where I am.
  12. FloridaScaleBoater

    RC Racing Events

    Is anyone else not able to get onto rcracingevents.com Haven't been able to for the last couple of days,
  13. FloridaScaleBoater

    Is Al Hobbs on his Skiing trip?

    Sent Al a PM the other night, Al is usually PDQ at replying. Is he out on the mountain, or out traveling the world. Anyone have a better way other than PM through IW to contact him Thanks in advance Rick Bellinger
  14. FloridaScaleBoater

    Thread size & pitch

    Can anyone tell me the thread size/pitch for the flex shaft collet on a CMB RS45 Thanks
  15. FloridaScaleBoater

    Looking for contact Igor Mazir

    Sure the spelling of the last name is incorrect but I'm looking to get in touch with Igor, Boris's son I have a flow meter that is not operating correctly looking to have it repaired
  16. FloridaScaleBoater

    Stuff for sale, listing for Robert Pickard

    Irwin 45 O/B pipe. $80.00 shipped Nova Rossi 45 remote needle valve $30.00 shipped K&B new O/B lower unit. $82.00 shipped Nova Rossi .46 outboard power head $450.00 plus shipping
  17. FloridaScaleBoater

    Looking for Head for CMB 67

    Before I order brand new from Stu, Anyone have a cylinder head for a CMB 67 Green Head they are willing to sell. Thanks in advance Rick
  18. FloridaScaleBoater

    Been trying to contact James Trout, RE: P.B. September race

    Ok, So I've been trying to contact James Trout, as he is listed as the contact for the September 8-9 D-3 race. Have tried calling the number listed as contact on Race Master's,,, I get a "magic jack" message them "this caller is not accepting phone calls. Have email the email address listed...
  19. FloridaScaleBoater

    A few things for sale

    Posting these pictures for Robert Pickard. Robert will post descriptions and pricing below