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  1. Wayne Johnstone


  2. Wayne Johnstone

    Looking for 1/8 scale twin wing

    As title says looking for a 1/8 scale twin wing hull if anyone is looking at selling? Prefer T plus hull but would consider others. Thanks.
  3. Wayne Johnstone

    Info re rc boat company twin wing hull as electric

    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone has set up the rc boat company twin wing hull as an electric 1/8 scale? Interested to pics of set up if anyone has any. Thanks.
  4. Wayne Johnstone

    Thunderboat question

    Hi. Just wondering what size motors you run in your Thunderboat class and if they are stock or can be modified. Thanks
  5. Wayne Johnstone

    T Plus Cowl availability

    Hi. Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a cowl available for the conventional T Plus black and yellow hydro? Thanks
  6. Wayne Johnstone

    Offshore boat

    Just wondering if there was ever a top gun themed offshore boat? Thanks
  7. Wayne Johnstone

    1/5 Scale Gauge Decals

    Hi, just wondering if anyone makes gauge decals / cluster for a 1/5 scale gas lauterbach hull? Thanks
  8. Wayne Johnstone

    Slimline Products

    Just wondering if anyone can advise who owns / runs slimline products? Thanks
  9. Wayne Johnstone

    Engine modifiers

    Just wondering what engine modifiers are around for Zenoahs? Cheers
  10. Wayne Johnstone

    Insane G4 pics wanted

    Hi..just wondering if anyone would be willing to post pics of the engine bay and radio box of their insane g4 hull? I lost radio on mine and as a result it ran up the bank. It is getting repaired and while it is stripped thought i may look at the set up and possibly change a few things. Thanks...
  11. Wayne Johnstone

    90 size hydro

    Just wondering what size hydro hulls are out there that would suit a 90 size nitro motor? Like a whiplash, backlash etc
  12. Wayne Johnstone

    Mounting Radio box

    Hi. Not sure on best method to mount radio box, any sugestions? Thanks for looking
  13. Wayne Johnstone

    Fuel pumps

    What is a good quality nitro pump to get? Cheers
  14. Wayne Johnstone

    Cowl for speedmaster?

    Just wondering if there is a cowl available for the speedmaster monos?
  15. Wayne Johnstone

    Motor & esc for 4s Mono

    Just wondering what motor and ESC people are running in 4s mono's? Cheers
  16. Wayne Johnstone

    Who makes speedmaster mono

    Just wondering who makes the speedmaster monos now?
  17. Wayne Johnstone

    Twin outboard info / pics

    Hi. Just after some photos if possible of twin outboard setups. In particular how items are setup under the cowl like tanks, throttle, third channel etc. Cheers
  18. Wayne Johnstone

    Looking for vision 20

    Just wondering what vision 20 hulls are around. Might need a stop gap until my new hulls are ready. Shipping would be to Australia
  19. Wayne Johnstone

    Looking For Speedmaster Mono

    Hi, just wondering if there are any 21 Speedmaster monos out there for sale, nitro or electric? Prefer pretty good condition. Thanks
  20. Wayne Johnstone

    1/4 Scale Outboard electric

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has set one of these 1/4 scale hulls up as an electric boat? After some set up advice