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  1. Joern Markset

    Please read

    The original post is like a year old... Something weird going on 🤔
  2. Joern Markset


    No, the 90 deg are listed as available. https://www.worldchampionproducts.com/en/marine/92-hipcl21003.html
  3. Joern Markset


    You better buy this one instead of that NR header if you’re looking for some rpm’s https://www.worldchampionproducts.com/en/marine/477-hipex-coude-21-marine-conical-hb-en-avant-cl210101.html
  4. Joern Markset

    CMB 1.01 RS

    Locally made in Norway
  5. Joern Markset

    CMB 1.01 RS

    1.01 RS incl header & pipe It has less than 1 liter fuel thru it and needs to be fully broken in. I built a pleasureboat for it and did a testrun, has been on the shelf ever since. It has squaredrive for 1/4 inch flex Comes with a few glowplugs. Price is 550,- Shipping is 40,- WW, and you cover...
  6. Joern Markset

    Tunnelstuff in Norway

    Here`s a short clip from testing a new small tunnel setup, still lot of tweeks left but it is getting closer. Engines is OS T1203 (stock engine) with a M2001SC manifold and a T-1070SC pipe. Carb is OS 61A Hull is designed, owned and driven by Andreas Nodland.
  7. Joern Markset

    Selling Equi pipe .21 SOLD

    Yes, just ship it to Florida. I just sent you a PM with details. Waiting for your reply so I can send you bucks.
  8. Joern Markset

    Selling Equi pipe .21 SOLD

    I`ll take it anyway, you can ship it to a guy I know in Florida and I will have him to forward it together with some other stuff he gonna send to me.
  9. Joern Markset

    Selling Equi pipe .21 SOLD

    If you ship across the pond I`ll take it
  10. Joern Markset


    Here`s two nice pilots, buy the files and print your self in your preferred scale https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-print-models/miniatures/figurines/drag-boat-pilot-bust https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-print-models/miniatures/figurines/rc-racing-boat-pilot
  11. Joern Markset

    CMB engines, .91 and .21

    Thanks. Engines are freshbuilt and does not need any further action for storage. If you wanna add oil to them, use some oil that does not dry out and get sticky and store them in a dry place. Ziploc is ok
  12. Joern Markset

    Whats a good entry level 3d printer

    Prusa all the way, it is a veeeery good entry level printer and it just keeps gettin better. Also the Prusa slicer is very good. Buy the kit and you will learn a lot about your printer, the manual is outstanding!! And they have a very large comunity as well. Prusa MK3S does not need any upgrades...
  13. Joern Markset

    OS MAX 65

    I have an old OS MAX 65 engine (don`t have the box) with engine mount and a pipe whose brand I`m not sure of. Engine has never been started, pipe is unused and undrilled as well. Has probably been installed in a boat that never came to use (must have been before I was born *LOL*) I will ship...
  14. Joern Markset


    I`ll take it if you wanna ship to Norway.
  15. Joern Markset

    CMB .21 RSV07 + a few spares

    Thank you, Mike PM sent with details
  16. Joern Markset

    CMB .21 RSV07 + a few spares

    That is .21 BETA, part #93108
  17. Joern Markset

    CMB .21 RSV07 + a few spares

    Last pics
  18. Joern Markset

    CMB .21 RSV07 + a few spares

    More pics
  19. Joern Markset

    CMB .21 RSV07 + a few spares

    .21 RSV07 engine with separate needle, it has VAC drum and carb. smooth engine. Then there is some spares; New .21 VAC crankcase with bearings Used .21 Valvola crankcase with wc jacket Used .21 RSV crankcase with wc jacket 21 ea new headbuttons for misc engines like Valvola, RSV, VAC 4 new P/L...