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  1. Bradley Maglinger

    Hall of Fame Class of 2020

    I want to Congratulate and announce that the BOD has inducted Stu Barr and Mike Schindler to the class of 2020 Hall of Fame in IMPBA. This is a well deserved accomplishment for both of these individuals. The plan was to surprise them at Celina but with that race being canceled, I have contacted...
  2. Bradley Maglinger

    Happy Birthday Stu Barr

    Happy Birthday to the Man, the Myth, The Legend, Stu Barr.
  3. Bradley Maglinger

    Looking for Tetra 90 pipe pressure fitting

    Looking for Tetra 90 degree pipe pressure fitting, 2-small 2-large I currently have them on all of my pipes I want to keep it consistent rather than going to Meccoa to get some.
  4. Bradley Maglinger

    SGX 21 Rudder length?

    I am building a SGX 21 for a friend and was wondering how long are you all running your rudder below the transom? Thanks in advance.
  5. Bradley Maglinger

    Let’s see those paint booths

    Curtis setting up the paint booth, what does everyone else use for a paint booth?
  6. Bradley Maglinger

    Locating Bob Mathews

    I was wondering if anyone had contact or knows how to contact Bob Mathews. I found an old tape from the 90s in our boat shop. Would love to get him back into this hobby.
  7. Bradley Maglinger

    What is on your race schedule for 2020?

    I was wanting to see where everyone is heading for races in 2020, in hopes to see if I can try and pick up a new site to visit and add to the schedule. Here is what I have on mine at the moment. Jan. 16th-19th Brandon, Florida April 13 & 14 Huntsville, AL time trials April 25th-26th...
  8. Bradley Maglinger

    Vac 45 4port

    Vac 45 cleaned up exhaust on the case, turbo head, collet, cmb carb, installed new needles, Swiss bearings with one tank of fuel through them. No scars on the piston/sleeve amazing pinch, $300 buyer pays shipping in USA PayPal friends and family. This was my back up motor and has a total of 6...
  9. Bradley Maglinger

    Novarossi rx 21

    Good bearings, good pinch, 175$ buyer pays shipping PayPal friends and family.
  10. Bradley Maglinger

    20 Hydro forsale

    Andy Brown 21 hydro forsale, carbonfiber veil in the bottom, Walt Barney tank, shaft, carbon fiber booms, delrin mounts, all hardware servos and on/off switch are included. NO stand No prop No Motor. Setup for a Nova wrap around but could easily be changed. Sale in continental US area only $325...
  11. Bradley Maglinger

    1990 Sarasota Internats

    Who all remembers going to the 1990 Internats? At that time I was 10 years old, I really remember finding out about the fire ants.
  12. Bradley Maglinger

    Looking for Wings for a 1/8 Scale Fritz Circus Canard

    I am looking for a left and a right wing/sponson for a Fritz Canard. I can repair the ones I have but would like to see if anyone has any out here forsale that are not damaged. Thank you in advance Bradley
  13. Bradley Maglinger

    Looking for Prather Rudder

    Looking for a Prather 67 rudder and or the bracket hardware for it
  14. Bradley Maglinger

    WTB 2219

    Want to buy two 2219-19-38 raw props please.
  15. Bradley Maglinger

    Roostertail Aug 2019

  16. Bradley Maglinger

    Looking for 3 1/16 square shafts

    Looking for some 3 1/16 square shafts Thank you
  17. Bradley Maglinger

    Remote needle forsale

    Brand new Remote Needle CMB $15 buyer pays for the ride. PayPal F.F. USA
  18. Bradley Maglinger

    3/16 shaft

    Who sells 25” 3/16 shafts? thank you
  19. Bradley Maglinger

    Gen 4 Boris Flow Meter

    Boris Gen 4 flow meter(Dull Pump). Red wire quick disconnect was put in by Boris to switch between single and dull pump. This was before he put a switch in them. A switch can be easily added.  Anywho this meter works just as good as it did day one. PayPal only, lower 48 US $125 shipped Firm. ...