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  1. Ray Sametz

    Imagine dealing with this today!!!!

    Radio boxes are bigger than our whole boat today.o_O:eek:
  2. Ray Sametz

    Tune pipe expander

    What is everybody using too expand the tune to fit over the header, ie a 67 mac muffled pipe over a CMB 80 greenie header. Ps remember the Kinks, I'm on a low budget.;)
  3. Ray Sametz

    News to me

    Didn't know these were available, interesting.
  4. Ray Sametz

    Paint scanner

    Could this be of possible use in our hobby? https://store.nypost.com/sales/nix-mini-color-sensor-v2?utm_source=nypost.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=nix-mini-color-sensor-v2&utm_term=scsf-352590&utm_content=a0x1P000004MyMj&scsonar=1
  5. Ray Sametz

    Ruff out there

    Hang on baby.:eek:
  6. Ray Sametz

    Happy Birthday Dasboata

    Happy birthday Chris. Enjoy your day. Baaaa Ohhhhhhh
  7. Ray Sametz

    Awesome camera work

    Looked like a penalty at 6:21, don't know if was ever called. 
  8. Ray Sametz

    Happy Birthday Mike Hughes

    Happy Born on Date Smiley. :D  Enjoy your day. B)
  9. Ray Sametz

    Twin rudder depth?

    Rudder on my twin is 3-1/2 inches below rear sponson. Blade width is 1 inch. Can I shorten it up some?
  10. Ray Sametz

    One off mold

    Made a mold of a ABS cowl with Ultracal 30. After it cures and clean up what's best to seal it with before wax and Partall?
  11. Ray Sametz

    Martin Truex (Nascar Cham....?

    Good luck today Martin, stay safe, avoid trouble, run your race. Hope for a big celebration later on today.
  12. Ray Sametz

    HBD Charles

    Happy Born On Date Mr. Perdue. Enjoy your day. ==={}
  13. Ray Sametz

    HBD Greg

    Happy born on date Greg Hahn. Hope your doing well.
  14. Ray Sametz

    F/S Lipgens fuel tank

    Right side saddle tank for a P/T Sport 40. Built in hopper approx 20 oz. Con US only. First I'll take it. $35.00 plus shipping. P/P or M/O only.
  15. Ray Sametz

    Happy Birthday

    Happy born on date Matt Smith, 35 got socks older then that. . Enjoy your day.
  16. Ray Sametz

    HBD FloridaScaleBoater

    Happy born on date RRRick, ya'll have a great day. ==={}
  17. Ray Sametz

    Surfing You Tube

    Vintage N Z scales. KQQL.
  18. Ray Sametz

    My new toy for 2017

  19. Ray Sametz

    HBD Dick

    Happy born on date Dick (Old Fart Racing).
  20. Ray Sametz

    HBD Andy Greene

    Happy born on date, Andy. Behave. RRRay