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    I received my payment Walt Barney
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    Looking for the directions ans set up

    Thanks Have talked to Danny and Emaild Tom Foley Walt Barney
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    Looking for the directions ans set up

    Tom Send me a copy my address Walt Barney 5929 Rosemary Ln. Cedar Bluff, Al. 35959 Thanks
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    Looking for the directions ans set up

    instructionds for a Eagle 45 SG or SGX don't know which on one I found I think the boat was started about ,2016, it is about 1/2 built I think I have all the parts to finish this boat. Thanks Walt Barney
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    Nitro Peeps, who is planning on making this race?

    Richard I have been looking for you about your tank Thanks Walt
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    page 3 ABC props

    Shane I do not have the 2817-19-38, I do have a 2817-19-45 Shipping S/B about $6.50 Thanks Walt
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    page 3 ABC props

    Shane I will check in the morning on the 2817-19-38 and let you know Thanks Walt
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    Mike, No 1717 at all I have 2 2919-19-38 Thanks Walt
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    page 3 ABC props

    Shane I have all 6 props the cost is $150 + shipping Thanks Walt Barney
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    page 3 ABC props

    thanks Walt Barney
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    Props Wanted AB 1445 or 1450

    I will check to see what I have as I have a lot of Octura props the are S&B Walt Barney
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    Tanks 2 U

    Paul, The cost for this tank is $80.00 + S & H this tank will hold 24 oz of fuel Thanks Walt Barney
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    No they are special order, I can do it but cannot tell how long it would take. Walt Barney
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    Drain hole in transom

    I use a 3/8 hole and no plug, if you want to cover the hole when the boat stops use a peice of tape doubled over and leave just enough tape to cover the hole be sure to leave enough tape to stick on just before the hole so it will still drain when running, but will cover the hole when stopped...
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    Picco .90 rods

    I have a 90 Picco hydro engine that has never been run,I do not have the carb. This engine is For sale if interested make offer. I can tex you a picture as I cannot get a picture on Iw. Walt Barney