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    One badass boat

    Great job Kenny, you’ve certainly done your homework to put together a winning combo! Wallster
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    Happy Birthday Zaker Sr (Dad)

    Happy Birthday Ron Sr!
  3. Wally Marsh

    thank you my brother from anther mother

    I had a much needed great time with you and the Cedar Rapids gang, need to do it again SOON!
  4. Wally Marsh

    New in the box Tabbo Tunnel & Motors & parts

    I’m interested in the Orlic 0.350 carb but please post a close up pic first, thanks.
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    Minute Breakers Mendota race canceled

    Yep Johnson City and Evansville, I’ll work on him 🤣
  6. Wally Marsh

    Minute Breakers Mendota race canceled

    Thanks Cathy for stepping up for next year, you do a great job as CD, I’ll be glad to help
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    Rod Geraghty

    Glad to hear Rod, hope you get to feeling better soon! Wallster
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    Rod Geraghty

    Get well my good friend. Wallster
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    Repurposing A Nitro Tunnel

    Sounds like you‘re having fun with the new FE tunnel! Glad your test site opened up, hoping that will happen here soon in Des Moines, way too much time not being able to test some new things. I happened to be coaching Brian in that heat, I wasn’t able to see the boat in time either, but my...
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    Food for thought!!

    Great progress to Rod and everyone involved making this happen!
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    USA Distributor for CMB motors and parts

    Good words of advice, Stu. Sharing that same “age” factor so I’m also being extra cautious. Wishing continued good health for you and your family. See ya at a future race when this is all behind us! Wallster
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    Blazer Marine Slingshot Build!

    I agree nice and careful build, I try to make mine clean also (with a lot of help!) and appreciate watching this one progress.
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    More food for thought - progress report

    Thanks Rod for the update!
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    FUTABA 3PM and 3PMX

    Grim, Love the mix of humor and good technical info, this should help some guys out with what is still a great Futaba radio IMHO. Oh by the way, both my 3PMX antennae are now in the permanently “erect” position LOL My new 7PXR continues to amaze me as I explore all the options, thanks for the...
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    Wally Marsh 61

    Walt, Just sent you a PM. Wally