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    5 boat minimum to make a class

    Sara, Please call me 321-231-2898
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    Cool Lil vid from the Gas Nats

    VenomCC Racing FM1 True Sport in action
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    Silent Engines Randy Premo

    This was sad to hear. Great CD, great racer and a great person. RIP Randy.
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    AC Model Boats

    My websites are: Phone # 321-231-2898
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    AC Model Boats

    Ron, I lay up my own rails and transoms out of fiberglass. I don't use carbon fiber.
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    AC Model Boats

    Thanks everyone for the kind words!
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    2 Props for sale

    Octura X457/2 Octura X462/2 $15.00 each shipped US only $25.00 both shipped US only Paypal to: [email protected]
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    New District 3 Director

    Thanks Robert. Look forward to working with everyone in D3. The D3 website has been updated. Check it out and get registered for the new D3 forum.
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    Awesome Weekend! Awesome Race! Thanks CMB!!!!!
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    Gas Twin vs Nitro Twin 2017 Brandon Shootout Video

    It's one I designed and built.
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    Gas Twin vs Nitro Twin 2017 Brandon Shootout Video

    You're welcome. Congrats on your win. It's nice to race against a gentleman.
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    Gas Twin vs Nitro Twin 2017 Brandon Shootout Video

    This is my gas twin racing against the nitro twins in Brandon this past weekend.
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    Twin Shootout District 3

    Thanks to all the Brandon crew for putting on a great race. Mike did a great job calling the race. We had fun racing and hanging out with friends. The twin shootout was a blast. Congrats to Mark on the win. Maybe next year gas will win.
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    State of Affairs for RC Boat Racing

    Cool idea but if boat in lane 1 decides to go long and boat in lane 2 decides to stay oval you have a problem.