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    Fuel valves

    Virgil, I have plenty of mine in stock (Bob Violets). Stu
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    3 1/2 to 4 pounds
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    CMB 67 HR gold head double plugs

    I have 2 CMB pipes for the 67 motors. One is a straight nitro pipe and the other is a muffled pipe. Email me at if you have interest. Stu Barr
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    L/F cmb .90 headers

    Nick, I have in stock. Email or call 317-462-9978 to order. Stu
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    Fuel Mixture Control

    I talked with Bob many years ago when I started using his valves. I don't remember his reason for a flow reverse from other valves. The flow meter shows a different # when you flow with the taper. I have always plumbed as Bob suggested. Have not had one of these valves fail me. As with all...
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    Fuel Mixture Control

    The (BV) Stu Barr Needle Valve will flow both directions. I found the flow rate is different if you plumb with the taper of the needle. The flow is more consistent if you plumb by the instructions (against the taper). I know reading instructions is not a guy thing. Stu
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    Klass Kote Greens

    Ray, That looks like a color they mixed for me years ago. It is called "Crapshooter Green". Color did not come out like I thought it would. When I opened the can, the color looked bad. Thought when it dried it would look better. It didn't. It got uglier. Stu
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    C 19 relief

    Doc, Why no "S" bend? Stu
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    3D printed strut

    I had a customer make a strut from Delrin. It did not work. Would stick to 6061 or 7075 aluminum.
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    WTB VAC/HR .91 crank shaft

    Dave, Got plenty of new ones. 317-462-9978. Stu
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    In search of a few boats

    Virgil, Contact me at or call 317-462-9978 if you have questions about the CMB motor line. Stu Barr
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    USA Distributor for CMB motors and parts

    As of today at 1:01 pm, I'm back in business! USPS picked up my first load of packages. I'm finding that when I shut down, a bunch of people wanted motors and parts and boat parts. "Click and Ship" solved my problem. Order a way now and I can do it. Thanks, Stu
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    Your First 50 mph/or Faster Patch

    My first run at a time trial was around 1977. Ran a Hughey round nose with a K&B 40. Got 37 1/2 MPH! First SAW record I got was at Huntsville Internats. Forgot the year but it was the first year using laser sights. All the previous records were "archived". Ran 79 and some change. Before...
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    USA Distributor for CMB motors and parts

    Charles, Good idea on things you bring into your house. David, Same here. Stu