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    I do so hate sharpening

    Mike, Going to need another box for all those blades. Mark Sholund
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    eBay electric hydro

    Bill, What propeller are you running on it? Let Me Know Please? Mark Sholund
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    ALL CARBS SOLD For Sale: Orlic, Albitton Carbs for Nova 21 DD (Price Reduced)

    Bob, I am interested in the Albitton .360” Carb I will call you tomorrow. Thanks, Mark Sholund
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    Orlic .12 carb new

    Nick, Only on one of their 12-motors. I Hope All Is Well? Mark Sholund
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    JAE rigger question

    Gary, I will send you one out in the morning. Thanks, Mark Sholund
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    JAE rigger question

    John, I told Gary about the belts, and he has a complete machine shop at his house to customize his flywheels as you have suggested. Gary has been a little needy as he is getting very forgetful in his old age. I offered to help him out numberous times now and he just wants to do it all by...
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    JAE rigger question

    Gary, I may have a few laying around. I will check and see. Gates 3M 258 or the 3M 315 Polyflex V-belts. I see them on eBay. Some use vacuum cleaner drive belts as well. Mark Sholund
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    JAE rigger question

    Gary, You need the thinner Gates belts, and they work great. You can turn down the flywheels as well. Thanks, Mark Sholund
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    Testing today with my 40 Shooter

    Brad, Looking good, we may need to boost the leading edge pitch just a touch more? I wish we could test, just rain the last few days. Looking forward to fueling up a few New Boats real soon. Thanks For Sharing Brad, Mark Sholund
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    My updated web site now.

    My updated web site now.
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    Pipe Disease

    Doc, I have the pipe disease/virus as well. :) About three or four times that many, and I am starting to build more of them in my spare time. With two jobs right now, not a lot of spare time. I do have a new 101-pipe cut out and another 21-pipe cut out as well. Now to roll them up and braze...
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    Looking for

    I have some JG-propellers if needed? Thanks, :) Mark Sholund
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    I just made more prop boxes if anyone is interested?

    Richard, I have them in stock. Thanks, Mark Sholund
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    Nitro bits: plugs, pipes, headers carbs, mixture controls etc.

    Brian, Payment has been sent. Thanks, Mark Sholund