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    Futaba LiFe pack?

    Just FYI on the LIFE batteries, there really is a night and day difference in the way they hold a charge vs. the nicad and nimh packs, especially from when I raced in the 90s through 2000. I’m running an 1800 mah pack and I can run all day with no issues and come back and it seems like I could...
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    JAE 45 Build

    My favorite part…not! 😆. I’m sure it’ll look great!
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    Servo Torque

    Steve I‘m running the Savox 1210 in my Backlash At 6.6 volts. 277 oz in. at that voltage. No issues whatsoever turning the boat on a dime. I would feel comfortable with 100 oz in less to be honest but glad I’ve got the extra torque. 400 will more than get the job done.
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    I’m moving over to the dark side!

    Love the Squire and the Circus from that era. I recently bought a cowl which will do the Circus. They were very competitive boats. Yours looks real nice! Good luck!
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    Backlash Painting Complete

    Thank you Frank, appreciate it sir!
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    Backlash Painting Complete

    Here’s some pics Mario took from the first time out last Sunday.
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    1/8 scale cowling

    Roger, cowl received in good shape. Looks real nice. Thank you!
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    School me on pipes

    Hey guys me again. Learning as I go. The Backlash got wet yesterday and showed promise but as always there were some issues that arose. One issue was destroying exhaust o rings pretty much every time out. I have the Gizmo Stainless Steel Hot Pipe and previously had some questions on the...
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    1/8 scale cowling

    Roger I’ll take the #2 cowling. Let me know how you wanna handle payment. Rich
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    1/8 scale cowling

    Looks like the cowl on the Budweiser Light
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    Throttle Setup Zenoah G260 WT-257 carb

    Cool thanks Mike!
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    Throttle Setup Zenoah G260 WT-257 carb

    When looking into the carb, how far open would the throttle servo need to hold the butterfly open for idling? I’m assuming it needs to be open so correct me if I’m wrong. I’m only used to nitro where you would see a little elliptical opening for idling.
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    Blazer Marine Slingshot Build!

    So what did you find out from last time? Definitely cooler dryer weather today but there was also some debate regarding your sponson AOA after making that repair. Seems like you’re back in there as far as speed.
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    Gas Bag Plumbing

    Good stuff Brian thanks!