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  1. Richard Dahlheimer

    KRE Carbs

    Hello Ken, do you have the tracking number for my .21 nova D.D. carb? Carb has not arrived yet. Thanks, Richard
  2. Richard Dahlheimer

    C 19 relief

    Should be speedmaster marine model products. Sorry about that. Richard
  3. Richard Dahlheimer

    C 19 relief

    Shane, check out speedster marine model products. Richard
  4. Richard Dahlheimer

    C 19 relief

    Walt and Doc, thanks for the info. I just ordered one for my DD .21 Nova. Richard
  5. Richard Dahlheimer

    C 19 relief

    Looks good Doc. What carb do you have on your Evo? Richard
  6. Richard Dahlheimer

    My First boat what was yours ?

    My 1st boat was a Dager Boat Works shalow V bottom. Same co. that made the Stilleto canard. Had a OS max .46 with a Muck pipe, and a Muck wedge rudder. I wore out the OS, and went with a CMB conventional .45. I liked the steel rod, with needle bearings. Richard
  7. Richard Dahlheimer

    Servo replacement

    Check out Promodeler servos. They have many sizes on their website. Richard
  8. Richard Dahlheimer

    C 19 relief

    Doc, I noticed the Promodeler steering servo in your new boat. I have one installed in my new JAE GT, that I haven't ran yet. Mark mentioned those servos work really well, so I thought I would try one. Richard
  9. Richard Dahlheimer

    C 19 relief

    Boat looks great Doc. Do you and Mark machine your own hardware? Richard
  10. Richard Dahlheimer

    Bullard 67 SST Build

    I like the colors you picked. I have a .21 hydro that I painted with auto air water based paint. I used house of color clear coat over the auto air. Richard
  11. Richard Dahlheimer

    What is everyone doing???

    I am working on my Mike Walker built JAE GT .21 hydro. Plenty of work to do before ice out here in Minnesota. Richard
  12. Richard Dahlheimer

    KRE Carbs

    Ken, I would like to order a nova .21 DD carb. I can pay you with a intl. money order. Please give me a total with shipping, and I will send to you. Thank you, Richard
  13. Richard Dahlheimer

    Longer Antennas

    Check with Walt's hobbies. I bought 3 from Walt 6 or 7 months ago. Richard
  14. Richard Dahlheimer

    O.S. 3rd channel arm source

    I would check with tower once more. All of the mixture control parts were available seperatly before, when i ordered them. Richard
  15. Richard Dahlheimer

    OPS 3280 .21 pipe ?

    Would like to know if any one is selling these pipes. Dont need untill March 2020. Thanks, Richard