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I have been into rc ever since I was a little kid, but even at that young age I was frustrated with the current technology of electrics at the time (ni-cads and 240 second brushed motors) so I got into nitro very early, my first nitro car was a kyosho assault and loved it very much. Nitro, what a relationship. Well I got out of nitro about 5 years ago, just got tired of the maintenance and frustration, so I got into gas, got a losi dbxl and then a losi 5t 2.0. And really enjoyed the time driving the vehicle instead of working on it all the time. I would always see and want the old dumas hot shot tunnel hulls and Prather lap cats with their nitro outboard engines. So I finally pulled the trigger and get a great deal on an aquacraft top speed 2 with the os max 21xm outboard. See I really wanted a gas tunnel hull, but just didn't have the money to buy or even build one, especially for a first time boat. I also got the joysway mad flow electric tunnel hull.
So I'm looking to have alot of fun and learn alot.
Jun 28, 1973 (Age: 50)
New York
About Me
Long time rc enthusiast but new to boating.