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    Wanted pipe for 7.5 k&b water cooled outboard

    Sorry I'm putting the pipes on now.. And making all kinds of changes..So the site will be up and down for a couple of days.. If you want to buy Send me your shipping address ( I'll send you a paypay invoice and you can pay that when ever you're ready
  2. Paul Renna

    Wanted pipe for 7.5 k&b water cooled outboard

    We have the HTB Silver bullet pipes in stock (headers too) , this is the 7.5 pipe $105.00 + shipping, includes silicon coupler and mounting hardware Thanks Paul PTI Racing
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    LF MACOY #9

    Do I read this right, you have 19 left? Can I get 10 Please
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    Mark Texted my card info last night
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    Mark / Walt I was hoping to get two One for me and one for Mark Scott Mark, I was looking for it the way you made the last one... I have a picture of your card if you need it So it looks like I need to pay Mark and Walt is that correct?
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    Walt I'd like to buy the 1915-19-38 And ship it to Mark Sholund
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    Looking for a used stock os outboard

    Gab I'm looking for a Version 2 (air cooled)
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    Looking for Lawless G Drive

    If Shane passes, I'd be interested
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    NovaRossi .67 outboard out of production

    WOW Ron Thanks so much for your efforts on keeping this class going Looking forward to hearing more about your progress THANK YOU
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    Vision 40

    Kris Can't seem to find a Castle 1520, can you suggest a replacement?
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    P limited mono

    Mike makes a kit of John Finches WILD THING mono Its a great boat and a great kit check it out
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    Props for sale

    Walt Do you have a 1915-19 38%
  13. Paul Renna

    7.5 OPC Lower FE Brushless Motor Conversion Adapter - Fits K&B, Lawless, Etc.

    I'll take it Will you take paypal
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    Brandon Florida FE race 11-24-2019

    GREAT.. THANKS MIC I'm going to try both motors on the 365 and QX 400