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    Vision 21 tunnel

    I have a older vision 21 tunnel that I want to build a fe with. Does any one have any pictures of how they might have made a radio and battery box for there’s? All pictures are very much appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    Vision 40

    Nice buy bud. Looks awesome
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    P limited mono

    Awesome thanks for the help buddy
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    P limited mono

    What’s out there as far as hulls to build a p limited mono? Looking for ideas I’m thinking about building one for next year
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    Vision .21 Tunnel

    . Ok thanks bud. I’m actually buying it from another guy and that’s what I’m using on it
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    Vision .21 Tunnel

    Hey bud I know this was sold already but was wondering what OB it was drilled for
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    Fe tunnel

    thanks for your input on my question bud. I was kinda thinking it was a little to long but wasn’t quite sure. Guess I will sell this one and find me one for what I’m wanting to build
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    Hey bud do you still have that vision tunnel for sale

    Hey bud do you still have that vision tunnel for sale
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    Fe tunnel

    Got this old leecraft I believe and was wondering if it would make a good fe tunnel? Can’t figure out how to load pictures of it at this time
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    Lipo Battery "C" Rating!

    Those are the same batteries I used in my fe tunnel I had. Never had a problem with them. I even ordered the first ones tin the wrong mah and contact the guy that owns the company and he took them and replaced them with the right ones with me paying the difference of course with no problem. I...
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    Vision .21 for sale

    Is this still available
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    Need info for Zenoah 23cc carb

    I just ordered a 257 for my boat from gizmo motors. They have them on sell. Where you located at Larry?
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    Slammed Shaman

    That’s awesome Brandon nice tunnel. I will have me one one day
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    Stock 20 boat weight.

    nice looking tunnel bud. I have a Lee craft that I was going to try and get run one day. Don’t know a whole lot about them or nitro
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    NX 300 tunnel for sale

    Got any pics with cowl off?