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    Handi clamp xtra long finger

    Just bought on of these tools. Well worth the money!! Thanks for posting.
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    Boats For Sale Sold

    Payment sent. Thanks!
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    Boats For Sale Sold

    If the $175 is for hull/hardware and servos I’ll take it.
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    Boats For Sale Sold

    I might be interested in hull/hardware and servos depending on price.
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    Boats For Sale VS1 21 Tunnel

    Karla I’ll take it. I’ll get it at the next race Tim
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    Zippkits G30 and 33FE

    Thanks! I took a small butane torch to it randomly. First attempt at it.
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    Zippkits G30 and 33FE

    My G30 and my wife's 33FE. Hope to get more pictures this weekend at the first race.
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    Boats For Sale ML Boat Works KL 350

    Mike would you take $215? I am good pick it up in April at our first lake day. I can send you the money ahead of time if you want. Thanks, Tim
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    Boats For Sale 2 ml boatworks riggers

    How much would shipping be for the RSX310p to Madison IN, 47250?
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    Q Sport hydro

    Looks nice!
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    Parts For Sale New K&B 3.5 outboard and used VS1 hull for sale

    How much would shipping be to Madison IN, 47250 for the VS1?
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    Parts For Sale Futaba 4pls radio system

    How scratched up is the display face?
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    Boats Wanted WTB P-Limited Mono

    How much are you asking? Can you send me some pictures? I be interested in checking it out.
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    Boats For Sale Chris Doherty scam

    I wonder if it would help to file fraud cases on this site.
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    Boats Wanted WTB P-Limited Mono

    Looking for a mono to build into a P-limited since the deal with Chris Doherty didn't work out. Doesn't need to be anything fancy. If you have something reasonable please let me know. Thanks, Tim