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    WTB: Sullivan Starter Handle

    You want to get a starter button for a semi truck that have copper or brass contacts. They handle lots of current and NAPA should have them as a Belkin part. Probably where Speedmaster got theirs.
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    Vibration & Glow Plug Failures

    The glow plug wire breaking is why a lot of people get their crankshafts balanced. Stu Barr is really up on this. I think he worked on this issue with Ron Bouche. For nitro I have always used the 18 lb shear isolators which strike a nice balance between vibration dampening and durability. I...
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    Stainless tanks

    I have had to place foam rubber under a few sump tanks to stop the fuel from foaming and the motor leaning out. Is there a better material to place under the tank?
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    Gas Scale 80-82 Turbine Pak cowling

    I'd rather buy one than make one if someone is doing them.
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    Al Waters

    Al returned home today to continue his recovery with a little oxygen and home nursing care. Big thumbs up!!
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    CMB .67 Greenhead. SOLD!!

    I am kind of sold on the new CMB design. The hull plug is coming along pretty good. Posted some photos on the General page in the "what's everybody doing" post. Sanding and filling all the insides of the boat to radius all the intersections now. I could be a safecracker I have sanded so much...
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    CMB .67 Greenhead. SOLD!!

    Is it a 4 port or a newer version Mike? I was in Ellensburg yesterday visiting my grandsons whose parents own the property right across the road from the gate from Irene Reinhardt Park. Man, I was sure itching to race!
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