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  1. Mark Simmons

    What prop front OS Outboard water cooled

    What prop on an OS Outboard water cooled on the back of an Top Speed 3 thank you in advance Mark
  2. Mark Simmons

    What prop for an OS outboard

    What prop for a Top Speed 3 with an OS outboard on the back water cooled
  3. Mark Simmons

    Zipp 30" tunnel update

    You might check Phil's Hobby shop in Fort Wayne Indiana
  4. Mark Simmons

    If anyone needs a cowling for their G30, My THX 305 cowl seems to fit

    Will it be High Enough for the Nitro version of the G30 thank you Mark
  5. Mark Simmons

    OS prop `nut

    Thank you Mark
  6. Mark Simmons

    OS prop `nut

    What size is the prop nut thread pitch and size thank you in advance mark
  7. Mark Simmons

    OS outboard

    Thank you all mark
  8. Mark Simmons

    Looking for K&B 45 outboard

    Okay I'll check it might take me a couple of days I work crazy hours work between 12 and 16 hours a day 7 days a week I'll try to check tonight and get back with you tomorrow thank you mark
  9. Mark Simmons

    Looking for K&B 45 outboard

    You looking for a whole outboard or just a powerhead thank you Mark
  10. Mark Simmons

    OS outboard

    What glow plug to run in it I'm 60% VP fuel water cooled
  11. Mark Simmons

    Looking for a decent OS21 outboard FOUND

    I don't have a no ass but I probably have a good can be if you're interested in it good luck thank you Mark
  12. Mark Simmons

    How to get stickers off without damaging fiberglass

    How to take stickers off fiberglass going to repaint thank you in advance
  13. Mark Simmons

    21 & 45 Outboard & misc pats

    I'll take it I'll PayPal you tonight thank you Mark
  14. Mark Simmons

    21 & 45 Outboard & misc pats

    Just clarifying earlier post - would like the OS 21 $260 & shipping price please. Thank you. Mark
  15. Mark Simmons

    21 & 45 Outboard & misc pats

    If the 21 is still available let me know shipping to Indiana. Mark