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    3D is great for prototyping new parts

    This is the latest version of a P limited outboard lower. It will run a standard .150 cable with a 3/16 output shaft just like a collet drive system. I'll probably run a wire drive type clamp on the cable for accessibility. There will be a sleeve bearing at the output that runs in a brass...
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    3D is great for prototyping new parts

    There's no reason the whole lower unit and mounts can't be 3D printed. The nylons are strong enough if combined with a metal shaft tube, turn fin, and threaded shaft end. I'm considering a .150 shaft version for a P limited outboard. If you really need metal, the printed part can be...
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    Run in stand/dyno build.

    Amen, brother Jim. I loved developing pipes on our dyno. Lohring Miller
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    Best Electric hydro

    I've changed a lot of hulls from nitro to electric. Exactly what hull do you have and what classes will you run in? Our club runs both P limited riggers and P limited sport hydro. Many 20 size hulls are suitable for both the limited and full P classes. Lohring Miller
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    look at this!

    Supercharging two strokes is straightforward. You just need to keep from blowing everything out the exhaust. This is done either with valve (or piston in opposed piston engines) timing or by raising the exhaust back pressure. Snowmobiles have been running turbo charged engines for years with...
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    Horsepower Change with Weather Calculator

    I've dealt with the issue for years. Racing at the Colorado Nationals as well at Al Hobbs races in Montana compared to lower level races showed the differences. Gasoline engines are a lot more sensitive than nitro engines. Our gasoline riggers were always one or two mph faster at Legg Lake...
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    electric motor

    My experiences with a Leecraft XT-460 conversion are here: These days I would pick a different 1100 Kv motor, but the other information in that thread should help. Lohring Miller
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    Pipe set up

    Is your engine a 7.5 K&B? Is that pipe for a 7.5 engine? It looks to me like you have a 3.5 pipe for a 7.5 engine. Lohring Miller
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    Breathing life into old tunnel

    I ran my last one as a P limited electric tunnel. It was fun. Lohring Miller
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    Boost/transfer relative to exhaust

    A two stroke is a two stroke, no matter what the fuel. The same concepts apply. I'm in the process of writing a series of articles on nitro engine design. The biggest differences besides the fuel is size. Most gas engines are larger and friction isn't as big a part in power as it is in nitro...
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    Boost/transfer relative to exhaust

    Actually, measuring ports in terms of timing only is too simplified. You need to think in terms of time areas. This goes for blow down as well. See Propwash October for an explanation of all this as applied to a Zenoah 260. Lohring Miller
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    Propeller tools

    The links worked for me. Do you have the latest version of Adobe Flash? Lohring Miller
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    Propeller tools

    You may be interested in my series of articles on props. 2013 October Propwash April 2014 Propwash Lohring Miller
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    May the Floss Be With You

    I did print both masks. That's the Emperor's most trusted general with his very capable Storm Trooper (my assistant Holly). She loves cosplay and had the light saber, so the rest just fell in place. Here's a close up of the masks. They are both based on this mask with a molded silicon...
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    Run in stand/dyno build.

    The big difference between our dyno and yours is the long distance between the engine and the flywheel. In that span there are two flexible couplings and four bearings in two blocks. This means the clutch and flywheel are very well insulated from the engine. I always thought the Lovejoy...