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    Parts For Sale 2 new NR pipes

    what size motor are they for?
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    Kep's FE 4s V2 files

    sorry to hear of your loss...your contribution to is greatly appreciated
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    Twin .80 Slingshot

    gotta love it when a plan come together eh
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    Twin .80 Slingshot

    Thats a really nice build!!
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    Sling #2

    working the bugs out of my open hydro boat.
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    Blazer marine sport 40

    blazer marine sport 40 i built years ago strut is mounted under the hull as per namba rules. i think it was turning a 447/3 or a 450/2 man this boat was fast...i miss this class.
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    Indianapolis/Cincinnati 2021 District Points Race (PHOTOS!)

    Really good photos Mario...some serious boaters and boats there too
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    Blazer Sport 40 Setup Tips

    From what I remember it's the inner part close to the tunnel that different. The sponsons are built differently, i think the angles are the same though. I would have to double check.. I built this boat so long ago and then nitro died off I didnt get to work it as hard as I would have...
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    Blazer Sport 40 Setup Tips

    Here it is
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    Blazer Sport 40 Setup Tips

    believe it or not there is a gen 2 Blazer sport 40 with the front of the sponson modified to get that plowing gone.
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    Something New that i am working on.

    I could imagine how pissed you were....i dont know if people realize how much work composite parts are....I know I do...looking good so far
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    Anybody running in the central jersey area all lakes listed....clubs too, race this weekend in Bristol. that page is just for the race flyers
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    Something New that i am working on.

    whips around the right side nicely...probably could go up on the wheels...looking good so far
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    L F this part

    try lenny blake Rum Racing Products