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    SOLD 1/2a Dumas Miss Thriftway

    Vintage Dumas Miss Thriftway 1/2a Cox powered, 2 ch rc hydroplane with Cox Engine. I have a NOS working Proboat 2 ch radio (JR Python "TX/RX") I can throw in for an additional 15.00 but I am sure you all have radios. $250.00 pick up in person or shipping available, shipping weight is 4 pounds...
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    This is a ProBoat Blackjack 26 (First gen, not the SS) Catamaran Nitro Powered R/C Boat "Unused" $200.00 make offer plus the shipping 10 pounds 30x10x12ish or Pick up in person. This boat has never touched the water and is in rtr shape. "Notice the interior of the hull is brand new, except...
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    K&B Only Class - Pipe Testing

    The #1 engine manufacture I love is K&B. I just bought a .18 marine engine for a boat. I know the parts are out there for the drum 3.5's problem is people know the rarity and charge an arm and a leg. Outboards on the other hand are somewhat reasonable in cost. But like I said, I am so far out of...
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    K&B Only Class - Pipe Testing

    Some humor "So someone came up with a class for an engine that is no longer produced?" Rhetorical question but cool idea for a local fun-in. Might as well included the engine must be throttled by a Prather Throttle Exhaust too, to further limit the entries. Or make a class for the Sig Rossi 40...
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    SOLD Miss Vegas U-18

    Thanks!! I don't have a photo share site where I can copy a location from and when I try to use my FB photos it never works. I hate filling up the media section, figure save that space for more important and better things. I always have problems posting pics on here. Thank you Ray. OMG the...
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    SOLD Miss Vegas U-18

    I have a little used maybe 4 tanks of fuel over the years, Miss Vegas Deuce Deuce. RTR AquaCraft U-18 Miss Deuce Deuce radio controlled boat. No cracks, no spider web cracks to the gel coat. Engine is the OS manufactured .18 smooth bearings runs. Boat will come with servos but No RX/TX or...
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    OS muffler

    The rules are very vague on B tunnel. There are no rules in sport tunnel that limit the modifications inside the case (piston sleeve or timing "intake or exhaust") only EXTERNAL and no pipes or carb/muffler mods. My question is simple since I have been absent from the IMPBA. lets say Marquette...
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    Hello all

    Thank you much im using the IMPBA web site reading the online manual.
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    Hello all

    I guess links don't work on this site. I tried to post a link to the leecrft I just started messing with.