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    Futaba SBS-02G

    Grim, any idea if Futaba will be releasing a new radio soon? Seems like in the past once an “R” series was released a new model follows.
  2. John Seybold

    Current Andy Brown email address!

    I agree with Shane, Andy sometimes takes on a lot of orders and it takes time for him to get them done. None of us are get any younger and project’s always seem to take longer than expected. Its best to give him a call as well.
  3. John Seybold

    NEW OS Max outboard Picco and K&B All Sold

    Looking for a new one.
  4. John Seybold

    NEW OS Max outboard Picco and K&B All Sold

    If a K&B 7.5 inboard becomes available, I will take one. Thank you
  5. John Seybold

    McCoy glow plugs hard to find

    Looks like O’Donnell is out of the 289’s, any ideas where I may find some? Thanks
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    Rossi Glow Plugs

    Thanks for the info Mark. Would you please provide me his phone number? I only have his email. Thanks
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    Rossi Glow Plugs

    Has anyone heard back from Al? Sent him a few emails and never heard anything back. Hope all is well with him and his family.
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    3 mac engines

    I’ll take the 21 pending photos
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    Eagle SGX 65 hull for sale

    Sounds good Don, if the $350 sounds good to you I’ll do it, if not I understand. Thanks
  10. John Seybold

    Eagle SGX 65 hull for sale

    Do you have the 2 radio box lids? I’ll offer $350, she looks like she needs some tlc. Do you have a picture of the bottom of the hull?
  11. John Seybold

    Remote Needle Bases back in stock!!

    Hi Don, Sorry to hear about your mom. Hope your doing ok. Do you have any right side bases for 46 and under. Looking for three of them. Thanks
  12. John Seybold


    I’d love to get one. Please send me some info when you have time. David, hope you don’t mind, not trying to steal your thread.
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    Nova 90 Pipe

    Hi, I’m finishing up a 90 rigger project and was wondering what pipe seems to work best with the 90 Nova? Thanks for any help and recommendations? John
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    New OS XM Engines. V1 and V2.

    What’s the difference between the two versions?
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    Novarossi Marine USA Christmas Sale

    That will be another great sale Ron, the only one that may have been better was the $75 off every motor. Can’t wait for the sale to begin!!