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    Slammed Shaman

    Well at least Bill has graciously volunteered to let me take his boat with me to nationals, I'll try to not let it look like mine when I get back. It's what happens in boat racing, eventually a crash like this will happen and there is no blame to be placed. As I told Bill, if i didn't want to...
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    JAE 45 Strut and sponson insert

    Mark, they are yours. Message me you address again, you should have my paypal already. I would think 3.00 for first class mail would cover shipping.
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    JAE 45 Strut and sponson insert

    Shane I would rather not ship international, I should have put that in my original post. Sorry.
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    JAE 45 Strut and sponson insert

    This is one of my struts that I made for a project I never finished along with boom tube inserts. 40.00 plus the ride, paypal only
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    Heat wrapping

    I've used this from ULINE.
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    CMB V5 45

    Mine didn't look like that.
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    Hi Chris, My name is Jim Mamaril and I am the district 8 director. We would love to see you come out to the races again, our next fun-run is on Feb 23rd. We have not run A O/B hydro too often but we do have the A Hydro class you could run your boat in or maybe Mike H. will bring his O/B out to...
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    2019 NAMBA Nationals

    Any updates on the race schedule??
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    Sport 40 for sale ready to run

    Scott, Just our District webpage
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    Sport 40 for sale ready to run

    Scott, i don't know what part of the state your in but we run SP40 in the Puget Sound area. In fact we have a race tomorrow in Tacoma. Jim
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    Crank balancing

    Carbide drill and reamer.
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    Identify this boat

    Thats what I thought , just wanted to be sure. Thanks
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    Identify this boat

    Anyone know what this might be.
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    Zoom carbs. CMB .21 TT OB

    Hi Rudy, Unfortunately my memory sucks and I no longer have the motor to be able to measure it. But I believe it was .647 Jim