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    LeeCraft outboard hydro

    Let me box it up and check for ya.. you have first crack at it. Grim
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    LeeCraft outboard hydro

    Brando.. I still have the mold for the Aeroslot style cowl for the one I got from mic.. I have ZERO use for it.. maybe somebody wants it.. they pay shipping I will send it anyplace US. Grim p.s. I should go on to say.. this mold was a bit down and dirty.. it only needed to pull one cowl but...
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    Low motivation,.. how do you get yourself back in boat mode?

    . he re-surfaced and last I saw was building a gas boat.. (just a few months ago) Grim
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    Badger Turkey Shoot race Oct. 11

    Nice to see this going on.. sorry we can not make it this year.. It does however look as if things are shaping up for 2021! Have a great race! Grim
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    Propellers from asia...

    Dims de-tongueers ... dims for racin!
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    Rossi .21 pipe vintage and strange

    I have one.. came with the C20 Airplane motor.. its just an airplane muffler Grim
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    6 degrees of separation

    Does it? I have not heard this before.. and without challenging you.. how do you qualify to say that? (maybe you know?) "I doubt".. is not a plan to a fact. So you lost me on that one.. (no worries, might just be me.. might not) Grim
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    6 degrees of separation

    what does "beaten" mean? Tell me how we beat H1N1.. or the flu...? Grim
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    K&B red carb:Tell us about it

    The issue is.. Allowable incoming volume and incoming speed.. and incoming fuel "volume" for that "just right mixture".. Also.. maintaining combustion chamber operation temperatures. (A BIG ONE).. a video Rod showed me years ago of one of Tommys record runs is still stuck in my head.. All of...
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    6 degrees of separation

    Can anybody give me some numbers.. what are the death percentage rates..(NO OPINIONS.. NO BS.. lets have more than ONE SOURCE to determine this as a set of percentages).. ... THEN....WHAT is the "NUMBER" that makes it safe to go back out.. WHO makes the "its safe" call? When is it...
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    Stupid K&B 3.5 question

    I would get the motor as close as you can to the way it came out of the package and run it.. mine was a MONSTER.. VERY VERY fast little hot rod. I have NO IDEA how many times (back in the day) I would get threatened with a claim.. LOL (back when we had that option) funny.. no body ever got off...
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    OK...getting back into racing after 27 years...

    Don.. servos have changed.. the driving force behind the changes were gyros and the speeds they process at.. Futaba has led the way in servo speed regarding this.. so.. how does this effect our boats. (though RC Cars)... Other MFGs are trying to keep up with the servos speeds and processing...
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    OK...getting back into racing after 27 years...

    Don, Congrats on coming back to boating. The 4PM is a fine choice. Please note.. Futabas manual asks you to please us Futaba brand servos and accessories. Its good advise.. if "if" you decide not to use Futaba brand servos and accessories.. please read the specs on the items you choose just to...
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    "JUST FOOD FOR THOUGHT"change the future nitro outboard RC boating

    One piece of advice I received MANY years ago after Steve (my friend and owner of the Hobby Master) passed.. This customer was a great guy....... and.. (you have NO IDEA the money this man has made, I will not mention names, lets call him.. Jim..).. a good customer.. anyway.. OK.. One...
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    "JUST FOOD FOR THOUGHT"change the future nitro outboard RC boating

    I have/had a tendency to live in the past.. I sold K+B motors for 119 bucks back in the day (oh around 1988 or so).. then in steps a "born again Rocketeer!" as they say.. I remember taking all my mowing money (13 or 14 years old) and buying 3 engines for around a buck... I stopped flying...