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    Adding a gallery picture to a post?

    I couldn't figure out how to insert a gallery picture into a post. Is that possible?
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    '91 Valvoline Miss Madison update

    Added a few more. Text in the album. Deck tip. Cowl fitting
  3. 20200622_193914_002.jpg


    Cowl fit is looking close. The profile of the deck tip. The double chin is interesting. No idea if that's good or bad. 1/2 " radius on top of a 1/4 r. I need to eat up 3/4" to keep the bottom angle scale. And ya, I know it looks like a feature......
  4. 20200520_172601.jpg


    The glue came up the sides of the cowl. Wasn't expecting that. I actually like the fact I got to have a bit extra glue on the outside to shape. I would do it this way again. That's low tack vinyl tape from Ace.
  5. 20200520_172125.jpg


    Getting ready to glue the cowl to the nose block. JB weld because its thick and I had it on hand. Somebody said nobody ends up adding weight to the rear of their boat.
  6. 20200608_182443.jpg


    How to hold your boat wrong side up with the cowl on it? Worked enough to sand the nose block.
  7. 20200619_180425.jpg


    2oz. fiberglass after the one layer of 3K twill.
  8. 20200617_171849.jpg


    So far so good.
  9. 20200615_170852.jpg


    Never worked with carbon cloth before. Stiff. No bagging either, out of money and space....
  10. 20200611_175155.jpg


    Thanks for the Wixley recommendation Scott!
  11. 20200516_184137.jpg


    Front wing shaped. Getting ready to cut to length.
  12. 20200507_141121.jpg


    Motor mount scheme. Dry fit. Speed Master 5" being used.
  13. 20200406_183401_005.jpg


    Decided to go ahead and make a small engine well.
  14. 20200406_183353.jpg


    Filling in the pieces for the rear shoes