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    Novarossi Auction out of business ?

    Where do you purchase or get info on the engine them?????
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    Zipp 30" tunnel update

    I have been watching this and I am surprised somebody has not said something already..... Well , here goes..... Start here..... CG- 8-3/4 to 9 inches.... prop set dead level to sponson bottoms.... Use the 4014 / 3 CNC Zipp prop right out of the bag......[no balancing is necessary] The 4014/3...
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    International Waters

    Mike Tom Moorehouse...... IW had been around for a while in 2003 when RC had a big problem and everybody reacted by jumping ship to IW.....
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    Old Jae 21FE Tub lenght.

    27.8125" less whatever bow block you put on the center section...
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    I hate radios! Neutral shift?

    Terry, Sounds like your 3EGX's are finally petrifying..... 😂 I totally understand.....My favorite radio of all time was the Futaba 3EG where you could easily mix the throttle with the rudder..... It is just hell to get old..... I am sure there are some very good radios out there but you will...
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    Zipp 30" tunnel update

    I second that......🤞🤞🤞....nice boat! I understand your G-30 is fitted with the new special retrieval system....😂😂😂
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    Building a wood boat epoxy info

    G-Flex by West Systems
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    Tunnelstuff in Norway

    Joern, Do you have any idea what prop Andreas was running in this video? I can't tell from the video but I assume Andreas is running a gearbox.....Do you know what is the gear ratio of the gearbox? Thanks , Rod
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    God speed Bob Kensil

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    Parts For Sale Orlic prop pitch gage

    I re considered my offer....sorry I am out...
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    Tunnelstuff in Norway

    Yes .....We did that originally with the little twin .21 David Hall and I built........It was a disaster......We chased that SOB for a week before separating the [2] motors making them [2] individual motors with separate induction platforms connected together with a single crank firing at 180...
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    Parts For Sale Orlic prop pitch gage

    Steve.....I think I will take it for $ me 1-715-926-6096 or 1-715-495-5025 Thanks........ Rod Geraghty
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    Tunnelstuff in Norway

    I like this......🤞🙌
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    Parts For Sale [2] NIB Thunder Tiger 3.5 outboards

    Sorry guys .....extended stay in hospital.....I will try to answer all questions when I get out.... I thought I would be out by now but it just isn't working out yet....
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    Novice in need of Thunder Tiger advice

    Absolutely no problem......actually I should be thanking you.....I had completely forgot I had the [2] NIB motors squirreled away just sitting......They came out of the cabinet yesterday and I listed them in the For Sale section of the forum...