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    SELLING FROM THE UK vac 45 and older cmb80 hr green head

    Yeh, pretty much the way I saw it too. Guess you have to/should have said "I will take it pending the answer to my shipping question"
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    2 X CMB VAC 45's

    No problem brother. Didn't have the cash right now anywhoo. Was a great deal though.
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    2 X CMB VAC 45's

    Is that $600.00 for both of them Terry?
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    New offshore class

    Well then, that clears the muddy water..😉
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    New offshore class

    This add makes no sense to me?? "I'll take it $700 shipped." Then you say estimated shipping is200.00 So the way read it, you are asking $500.00 for the hull?.?.? Plus $200.00 shipping, correct??
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    FS NEW WARLOCK 21 RIGGER $600.00 shipped

    Refund the man his MONEY!!!! Sounds to me it's all on YOU!!!
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    45 RS EVO head bolts

    A third dis-similar metal in the mix. I have used Tef-Gel on S/S head screws for ever. But yes, I do flush my water jackets with my engine flush oil. Did I mention Tef-Gel above? Oh yeh, I did.
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    FS: Outboard Cooper pipe

    Holy CRAP where did you come from???
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    `What prop should i try??

    Look two posts up, post#14
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    Blazer Sport 40 Setup Tips

    Where is the balance point, balancing at?
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    Is this a MAC pipe?

    Yup, Macs Exhaust super quit pipe. My experience with one on an OPS 67 in a scale was too much back pressure, creating too much heat. I cut the big can off and ran a stinger muffler, worked fine after that.
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    Hank Schneiders Boats

    Marty's not trying to sell them on here, he's letting people know he will have them at an up coming race.
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    Hank Schneiders Boats

    Hey Marty, Do you know what the Sport-40 is, (make)? If it doesn't sell at the race, I'd like to talk to you about it. Were there any CMB Valvola's left in his collection.
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    LF .40 Seaducer

    It is bagged, in my back seat. Will TRY to get it out today.