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    Still looking for a 3.5 K&B OB 90* header and tuned pipe

    From what Rock do some of these people crawl out from under!?!?
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    Want to turn finishing resin white

    Well, lookie there, one that says it works with either. Nice.
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    Want to turn finishing resin white

    Epoxy resin or polyester resin?
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    Hoping its not true.......

    Are you sure that wasn't Rossi? That is who was making the AA's for Al, last I spoke with Al. That deal is done, Rossi closed. Bill, could you share the link you are referring to?
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    very bad motor vibrations

    Michael, If you happen to need backup, spare parts I have an OPS 65 gold head an OPS 67 (BOTH ABOVE ARE INTERCHANGABLE) Both are well used but are decent for parts. $75.00 each, if you take both I'll pickup the shipping.
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    very bad motor vibrations

    Inboard engine, standard rotation is counter clock wise looking at the prop. What you are discribing, sounds like rotor disc, to crank pin is 180* out. The rotor on OPS engines have 2 slots that the crank pin can engage Sounds like it was assembled incorrectly.
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    Tune pipe expander

    Plug the stinger end with a dowel, wrap with electrical tape, cap off the pressure fitting, fill completely with water plug the inlet and place in the freezer and watch closely. If left too long, it WILL split the pipe.
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    Help Walt Barney

    Thanks all, appreciate it
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    Help Walt Barney

    I know you have shared this tid-bit of information, but I couldn't find it searching What is the formula to figure tank volume from measurements, please.
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    Looking for Ryan Lipgens

    Made contact with Ryan, Thank you RRRay
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    Looking for Ryan Lipgens

    Thanks RRRay Will do Walt.
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    Best place, person the get rod needle bearings

    Would like to replace the needles in an older CMB 45CAM purple head and CMB 45CAM gold heads. What measurements are needed? And contact info please. Thanks Rick
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    Looking for Ryan Lipgens

    Anyone know if he is still making the plastic fuel tanks? Any contact info besides the email address, tried that already. Any help is greatly appreciated Rick