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    The JVS Claim Jumper

    I had one in the early 90s... sold it before i got a chance to fit it out.. :(
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    F/S 67/80 CMB Pipes

    do you know what shipping to Australia would be?
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    16002 / 6002A Bearings

    Bulk deals available. 5 at US$60 10 at US$100
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    16002 / 6002A Bearings

    Folks, I have limited stock of NOS 16002 (aka 6002A) C3 bearings with non metallic cages. They come with shields both sides. These bearings are 15mm x 32mm x 8mm and suit some Picco 67/80 EXR motors as well as A90/100s. NOTE: These are not the same as the Novarossi 16002 bearing and will...
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    WTB PIP A90

    Chas Ya know I should log in here a lot more than I do.... Have been out of boating for a while (I will return however).. Anyway I dont know if you still run these engines, but I was the Australian distributor for these engines, and do still have engines and parts for the 90 and 100 engines...
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    3.5 outboards aussi

    Hmmmm.... Somehow I think I need a little more time at the lake for my Vision... (and maybe an alarm clock...) EMS Racing Distributor of.... EMS Rumours and... Bugger all else
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    rossi 7.5 inboard

    A bit of work to get going. 1st if the drum housing is not bushed, get it done. 2nd discard the needle assembly on the card and use a remote needle. 3rd use an outboard piston/liner and raise timings slightly. From memory the inboard timings are a bit too wild. Eat My Shorts Racing - back to...
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    WTB: 7.5 Outboard

    Hmmmm.... So this means I have to get serious about sorting out a boat for my Rossi???? :)
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    WTB SD3 Seaducer 40 mono less motor

    Well if you were in Australia I could help you..... Unfortunately postage is a killer :( Craig Eat My Shorts Racing
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    WTB A45 engine or parts

    Hi. Looking for an A45 engine and piston/liner... any other parts considered Email me at [email protected] Cheers, Craig Chenco
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    Lap cat 2

    Yeah am working on that too.... Harder to get stuff out here :(
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    Grim Oh Grim Where Could You Be?

    Gino, Well I have done some mods to the Rossi/Lawless 7.5 setup so I think that I will end up with the same problems. The Lawless drives seem to have a lot more lift than the K&B drive and I am pretty sure that is what is the main problem I am having. And then I dont have a boat for my...
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    Lap cat 2

    Well I have a Nemesis right now which is not playing ball... Trying to sort out a new pair of sponsons for it now, but I also have a LC II sitting here which can be seriously modified. Have moulded the deck of the boat with the intention of playing with the aerodynamics of the deck - moving the...
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    Grim Oh Grim Where Could You Be?

    Well the Nemesis in question is mine... We have even tried moving the motor forward 20mm (Mac Lawless combination) which still balances out as per the specs. Let me know how to get hold of the new formers as I have spent so much time with this boat trying to get it to be able to complete a heat...
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    Lap cat 2

    Any ideas on how a LC II would go with a Mac 3.5 and Lawless????