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    2021 Hydrofest

    Hi Tom, Here at the entries for Andrew and I for the race: Andrew #21102 - Sport 20, 1/8 Scale Chris #8595 - Sport 40, 1/8 Scale Thanks, Chris
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    Boats For Sale 33 Inch Seaducer 20 Mono

    I'm sorry about that. I haven't had a situation like this occur before so I'm not sure what the proper etiquette was. I viewed it as I had 2 offers and since 1 was the asking price I was ok to just go ahead and accept it without doing a counter offer. Is this not correct? Chris
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    Boats For Sale 33 Inch Seaducer 20 Mono

    Az, I am going to have to go with the full price offer. Virgil. I'll pm you to get shipping details and determine the final cost. Thanks, Chris
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    Boats For Sale 33 Inch Seaducer 20 Mono

    For sale is a 33 inch Seaducer 20 mono in excellent condition. It has all of it's Seaducer hardware and includes it's servos, shaft, and fuel tank. The radio box lid with switch and antenna is included but it looks like I didn't capture it in any of the pictures. The engine mount / linkage is...
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    Parts Wanted WTB - NovaRossi .12 Water Cooled Head Button #28611

    Hi Mike, I really only need the head button but I can see why you would not want to separate the set of parts. I'm going to hold off buying the set for now as it's more than I want to put into a backup engine. Thanks for your offer. Chris
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    Parts Wanted WTB - NovaRossi .12 Water Cooled Head Button #28611

    Hi Mike, Would you be interested in a NR .12 air cooled head / turbo head button trade for your water cooled setup? Thanks, Chris
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    Parts Wanted WTB - NovaRossi .12 Water Cooled Head Button #28611

    The NovaRossi website is showing them to be out of stock. Does anyone have 1 they would be able to part with? I'm looking for the one that takes standard plugs and works with the NR water cooled jacket. Thanks, Chris
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    Outboard motor mounts

    Hi Brian, I would like a 3.5 outboard mount if you still have one. Thanks, Chris
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    Assortment of CMB parts F/S

    Hi Sam, I would offer $100 shipped to 48309. Thanks, Chris
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    For Sale - Vintage 80 Coyote with Picco 80

    For sale is a vintage 80 Coyote just about ready to run. It's in really nice shape and runs well. The boat is 43" long and 22" wide. It's got an 80 Picco engine that is in good condition and some spare parts as seen in the picture. The boat has an Irwin 80 nitro pipe and all it's hardware...
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    Looking for a 1440

    Hi Chris, You may want to get with Mark Sholund as he will be able to prep the prop so that it runs well on your JAE. Chris
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    D-2 Motor City Model Boat Club presents the "Power Stroke Classic" June 19th!

    Hi Dave, Please enter us in the following classes all on DSM: Andrew Capaldi #21101 - B Hydro, 1/8 Scale Chris Capaldi #8595 - Sport 40, 1/8 Scale Thank you. Chris
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    1/8 Scale Phil Thomas Lobster Hull

    Hi Joe, I will take it. I'll pm you to work out the details. Thanks, Chris