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    40 hydro.

    Android app settings for 2 and 4 stroke engines. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.javiery.rpmgauge&hl=en Readings taken only from right to left as it passed by the camera. Note most of your passes started off with lower rpm midway in the run went up 25k to 26.5k range. Last...
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    40 hydro.

    Best pass at the end 27,858 rpm
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    Fresh thoughts from Siberia

    Do you have a photo of the Blade Runner? The other post is not showing the photo anymore .
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    Exhaust Question for Wrap around header riggers.

    Since we make right turns put the header / pipe on the left side. The oil spray clears the hull more often  such as in turns the centrifugal force will sling it away. 
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    And The Testing Continues

    That checks out as early in the vid I noted peak rpm. If 15% slip 86.8 mph / total pitch 3.42" / average Doppler before and after camera mic 34,358 rpm. Many passes all in the 33.6k + range.
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    And The Testing Continues

    Any radar on this one? Best pass: 34,560 coming at the camera and 34,157 rpm going away per Doppler App.
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    JAE History

    Could try a FM radio as option B.
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    Piranha rigger

    Here are the two side by side for reference.
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    Piranha rigger

    Yes it's good that you can document the run with a video a rare chance to see this vintage design run in 2018. Those are old servos the wiper blade style pots get corrosion over the years may give you trouble did you change them out?
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    Piranha rigger

    Gill you should get some video of it running, I imagine anything on the net is old lower resolution. - I looked on you tube couldn't find any samples of it running,
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    Twin Eagle SGX with Nova 91s

    It's quite with the exhaust suppression, wonder how much more rpm if the stingers where left open.
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    JAE rigger fuel tank

    Johns tanks are nice I have two different sizes they work great.
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    F Hydro SAW

    Martin do you have a pic of the .12 size SAW rigger, the only vid available was too low in resolution?
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    F Hydro SAW

    Yep last pass hit 29,554 rpm. 135.054 mph / 198.08 ft. / sec. not much time to blink.
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    SpeedWeek 2018

    Glenn do you have any pics of Martin's .12 would love to have a peek at it.