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Terry Keeley

Can't upload to Photo Gallery?

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8 hours ago, Admin said:

The Coppermine is separate.   I do not know who owns it.   

OK, thanks.  I'm in contact with the previous site owner and hopefully we can get it sorted out.

I understand you can just use the gallery here but the old site is good for storing photos and then being able to go back and look at them in one place.  Posting them here they eventually they get buried with the post forever (kinda like Facebook). :unsure:

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I asked a buddy of mine that's much more internet savy than I am and he said the site "gallery.intlwaters.com" is a sub domain of "intlwaters.com".  

WHOIS confirms this:  https://whois.icann.org/en/lookup?name=gallery.intlwaters.com

Which means your company http://www.groupbuilder.com/  is in control of the old photo galley as well.

The previous site owner thinks it may just be a "permissions" issue on the site, is there any way you could look into that for us?

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