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All my 20 props

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I have sold my last 20 boat so I no longer need my 20 props so here they are. All props are balanced and sharpened accept the abc in the bag. All prices include shipping!


1-sholund octura 1450 reduced


3.21" of (te) cup


2.84" of (cob) pitch 46.20mm dia $40


2-sholund octura 1445 profiled


3.21" of (te) cup


2.76" of (cob) pitch 45.45 mm dia $40


3-tfl 1450 $20


4-grim L45x68 $20


5-abc h-7 $20


6-modified abc h-7 $20


7-modified abc h-6 $20


8-modified abc h-7 $20


9-abc 1816 $20


10-octura 1450 $20


11-abc1515 $20


12-abc 42x55 $20


13-octura x640 $20


14-octura x640 $20


15-grim 40x52 3 blade $20


16-octura 440\3 $20


17-octura 937\3 bar cut (.12 prop) $20


18-octura 437\3 detounged (.12 prop) $20


19-abc h-1516 3 blade $20



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