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garrett randall

OPS 45, Traxxas 3S lipos

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For Sale:

1. OPS 45 with OS 4E carb on it. Ran like a top with the pipe (shown in the pictures), super quiet, not a rocket, but always started and always finished. $180 + I'll split the shipping 50/50 (unless purchased with the boat)

2. Two (2) Traxxas 3S Lipos - charged and stored as directed. Images shows their stored voltage - $55 each or $100 for both + I'll split the shipping 50/50

Will take more pictures as requested, just ask what you want to see.

Would meet buyer half way within a reasonable distance and avoid shipping.

Thanks - Garrett








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Hi Garrett,

no problem. I'm in Brookfield wis. Doing a machine install at Guhring and will be driving back to Illinois Friday late afternoon.

mabe I could just pick it up? Where about do you live ?

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Sounds Good Allan.

Remind me where to ship this.

I'll send you a total once I know the shipping cost.

THANK YOU my friend!

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added more info.

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