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Steve Seebold

SENDEC tach mount

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As the title says, I have some SENDEC tach mounts to that I made for a customer about 10 years ago.


His order was for 50 pieces but I never start with the exact number. I always start with more. If you order 50 and I start with 50, Ill end up with 47.


Well, this time I started with 60 pieces and I ended up with 58.


I sent 50 pieces to my customer hoping he would call back and take the other 8 pieces. Like I said, that was 10 years ago and now I cant get him to take my call.


So heres my deal, I was changing him $8.00 each and since theyve been sitting on the shelf for 10 years, Ill offer them here for $10.00 shipped.


If you want all 8 pieces, Ill take $75.00 shipped.


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Good morning guys, Im getting ready to move to Washington state and if these parts are still here when I start to pack up my shop, Im going to assume no one wants them, and theyll go in the recycle bin.


Contrary to popular belief, I dont make boat parts to make a lot of money, I do it for something to do when Im supposed to be retired.


I know Ive fallen way behind on some orders this year but I have had some serious health issues and last February I almost died.


Im getting better and hopefully after we move, Ill get the shop set up and stare making parts.


I know there will be some significant price reductions in some parts. Ill probably reduce my prices by 20 to 25 percent.

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